McDonald’s confirms return of Halloween Happy Meal buckets

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Who’s excited for spooky season? Well, the folks at McDonald’s are.

In fact, they’ve announced they’re bringing back their infamous Halloween Happy Meal buckets this year, combining two of the things we love most: Halloween and Maccies.

Having made a ghostly return on Tuesday (October 18th), select McDonald’s branches across the US are offering the Happy Meal pails filled with spooky toys, including OG McBoo, McPunk’n, or McGoblin.

Unfortunately for those of us in the UK, the Halloween Happy Meal won’t be launching over here (sob). First the adult Happy Meal and now this…

The Halloween Happy Meal buckets haven’t graced US McDonald’s stores for many years, making their imminent return all the more exciting.


The Halloween Happy Meal is launching over spooky season (Credit: McDonald’s)

Having first landed all the way back in 1986, the seasonal Halloween Happy Meal has cropped up on the odd year – most recently back in 2016.

So, it’s safe to say kids who enjoyed them then will be a lot more grown up now, and a whole new generation will be ready to enjoy them, too.

(But psst, we won’t judge if adults want to get in on the Halloween Happy Meal fun, too).

When McDonald’s announced the Halloween Happy Meal buckets were back, it’s safe to say that customers were excited.

Whilst another wrote: “The real adult happy meal we’ve been waiting for”.

“Omg screaming,” chimed in someone else. 

As a fourth joked: “Mcd been takin my money this month”.

As well as a toy, each Happy Meal comes with the usual – a hamburger, cheeseburger or chicken nuggets, a side and a drink.

But the exciting part is that you get to collect the bails (or “Boo Buckets”, too) coloured either white, orange or green. Yep, that’s another collectible on top of the toys to look forward to. 

With three toys and three buckets to collect, it looks like there will be a lot of people dining exclusively at Maccies for the next month.