McDonald’s is selling a McBaguette as seen on Emily In Paris

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Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

Do you ever see a meal on TV or in a movie and decide instantly that you must have it? Whether its the ramen in a Studio Ghibli film or the dumplings in Kung Fu Panda, there are countless examples of fictional food we wish was real. 

But the most recent might well be the McBaguette in Netflix’s Emily In Paris. Yup, even our fictional cravings feature McDonald’s, and we’re not embarrassed, either.

Those who watched the show, which is fronted by Lily Collins, will know exactly what we’re talking about, of course. Not just any Maccies burger, the McBaguette is about as chic a fast-food order as you can get.


Anyone for a McBaguette? (Credit: McDonald’s)

We’re talking crispy French bread, two beef patties, mustard, Emmental cheese and lettuce. If only it was real, right?

Wait… what’s that? It is?!

Is the McBaguette real?

You might think the McBaguette was nothing more than a figment of creator Darren Star’s imagination, but the truth is it’s actually a real thing, which lucky French customers were first able to get their hands on back in 2012.

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It has since been offered as a limited edition menu item cropping up once a year on a temporary basis.

And it’s not surprising it was given a TV cameo – we mean, how chic!

emily in paris mcdonalds

Emily in Paris hitting up McDonald’s (Credit: Netflix)

How can I order a McBaguette?

We have good news and bad news. The McBaguette is currently available in McDonald’s, in celebration of the new series of Emily in Paris. 

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The issue is you’ll have to make your way to France if you want to try one. Yup, told you there was a kicker…

If you do find yourself in that neck of the woods, then you need to hop over to McDo (as they lovingly call it there) for a McBaguette combo, which includes the sandwich, a side, a drink, and two macarons. Ooh la la.

What happened with the McBaguette in Emily In Paris?

In case you need a reminder, the third (and most recent) season of Emily In Paris saw social media marketer Emily (Lily Collins) faced with a pitch for McDonald’s. The brief? Advertising their McBaguette.

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At first, the luxury agency turned their nose up at working with Maccies, but then Emily visited the oh so fancy McDonald’s branch on the Champs-Elysees and realised it wasn’t so down market after all.

She came up with a campaign which marketed the McBaguette as “un petit plaisir,” and it was pretty spot on actually – but then her pitch was kinda interrupted half way through. You’ll have to watch the series to find out what happened there.

Regardless of Emily’s less than desirable pitch, she definitely won us round to the McBaguette.

Come on Maccies… bring it over to the UK – don’t make us fork out for a plane ticket!