McDonald’s launching vegan McPlant Nuggets in Germany

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McDonald’s has launched McPlant McNuggets in Germany, and it’s fair to say that people are rather excited about it.

That’s right. The Golden Arches have only gone and dropped vegan chicken nuggets abroad, and we have a sneaking suspicion that UK Maccies fans aren’t going to let up until we see them over here, too.

The plant-based ‘nugs are made from peas, corn and wheat in a tempura batter, and are developed by Beyond Meat.

The release comes amid the global success of their McPlant burger, which is an alternative to the McDonald’s cheeseburger, completely free of animal products.

mcdonalds mcplant mcnuggets

McDonald’s McPlant McNuggets are here (Credit: McDonald’s Germany)

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The McPlant Nuggets are set to roll out nationwide to over 1,400 restaurants in Germany for a limited time as of next week, and there’s no doubting Maccies big-wigs will be keeping a close eye on how they go down.

In August, nine restaurants in the Stuttgart area will also get to try the ‘nugs.

A little late to the party, the German market will get to try the McPlant burger for the first time next week, too. Still, the fact they get vegan nuggets and a burger at once makes the wait worthwhile for plant-based Germans.

As for whether the vegan chicken nuggets will be landing anywhere else yet, the truth is, we don’t know yet.

mcdonalds new menu

The ‘nugs are only available in Germany at the moment (Credit: Alamy)

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McDonald’s has said it will be assessing a wider rollout into future markets depending on how well German customers react to the product.

However, if the reception is positive, it certainly looks likely that the UK may be near the top of the list to try the ‘nugs, seeing as European countries are said to have responded particularly well to the McPlant, so far.

Twisted has contacted McDonald’s for comment.

The news comes as fast-food giants are scrambling to broaden their plant-based options to cater to vegan customers who may currently be missing out.

Chick-fil-A recently developed a cauliflower burger which it is rolling out in the States very soon, meanwhile Burger King has already expanded its range drastically, as part of a commitment to go 50 percent meat-free in the UK by 2023.