Mum divides opinion by serving ‘messy dinner’ straight onto the table

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Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

TikTok has been responsible for many bonkers food trends over the years – some delicious, some savvy, and some downright wrong.

One trend that has been dubbed all three of these? The ‘messy dinner’ trend. 

The TikTok concept has reared its head again of late, featuring people serving their food straight onto the table as a fun activity for their kids.

People got talking on social media after TikTok user, @brookeabigail0, served her kids a spag bol straight onto the table cloth, and encouraged them to tuck right in.

Check her video below: 


Messy dinner was a win, they ate more than usual🥰 #fyp #messydinner

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In the clip, the mum could be seen tipping a pan of spaghetti straight onto a tablecloth and slopping the sauce on thereafter.

Brooke said her kids ate “more than usual” thanks to the ‘messy dinner’ method, but as you can imagine, the reaction was slightly more divided in the comments.

“What did the bowls do wrong,” wrote one person under the video.

Whilst another penned: “I could not do this with my OCD”.

spaghetti bolognese tiktok messy dinner trend

Fancy spag bol served on a table cloth? (Credit: TikTok/ @brookeabigail0)

“I could not think of anything worse,” concurred somebody else.

Others were more in favour of the idea, though, with one writing: “I would’ve loved it as a child if my mom allowed me to have a messy fun dinner once!! Great momma”.

As a second said: “Why are people so hateful!! I love this idea, great for sensory play & I’ll bet they had a lot of fun”.

“If it means no dishes I’m in,” another joked.

spaghetti bolognese tiktok messy dinner trend

The mum tipped the spag bol out to the delight of her sons (Credit: TikTok/ @brookeabigail0)

Whilst it’s Brooke’s video which is currently causing chatter, the messy dinner trend as a whole has been going on for a while (in fact, we’ve even told you about it before!).

It’s always been a controversial topic, but is it a bit of fun or a step too far?

It looks like the jury is still out on this one.