Bizarre TikTok trend sees people serving dinner straight onto cling film to avoid washing up

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Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

Let’s face it, washing up is a chore we could all do without, but how far would you go to avoid cleaning some dishes?

We’ve all eaten from a Tupperware box before, so that no plates need be rinsed, and you can bet you’ve scoffed your takeaway from its container, too. Who can blame you? It gives you more time to rest off that food baby…

But now, TikTokers are taking things one step further, as one mum shared a video where she put cling film on the table so that she didn’t have any plates or dishes to scrub.

Check out what we mean below: 


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In what is now being dubbed the Messy Dinner trend, we see mum (and TikToker @the3holmboys) tipping a whole saucepan of spag bol onto a plastic covered table, and then letting her family eat it straight from there with a knife and fork.

The kids seem to be enjoying the novelty of eating straight off the table, whilst their father looks a little perplexed by the whole ordeal.

In just four days, the video has amassed over three million views, and many people have gone on to copy the trend themselves.

“This looks like fun! And super easy to clean up, no messes or dishes to worry about,” wrote one person in the comments. “Win-win in my book!”

Many people approved of the trend in the comments (Credit: TikTok/ @the3holmboys)

Whilst another penned: “Honestly this is perfect for that night you just did all the dishes. Gonna try it”.

“We do it with tinfoil for nacho night on coffee table,” said a third TikToker.

“I mean it gets everywhere anyway so why not,” joked a fourth.

However, as you’d expect, the controversial hack didn’t win everyone over.

“My OCD would never,” chimed in one sceptic, as a second quipped: “Nahh not for me, forks going in peoples mouths back into the food, swift pass from me”.

“This gives me anxiety,” wrote someone else.


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Responding to critics, the TikTok user said that the majority of the time she still served food on plates, which is why her kids were so shocked and excited when she dolloped their food on the table.

As a one off, she added that the children “absolutely loved” their messy dinner. And guess what? It actually created less mess than when she usually served spaghetti.

Of course, you could just suck it up and use a plate, like the rest of us – but sometimes we all just want to be a little lazy, don’t we?

In terms of safety, there’s nothing wrong with this trick, per se, as long as you’re using heatproof cling film. However, it’s probably better to use tinfoil and avoid putting your food on plastic.

Our main advice would be to ditch the spag bol and try something a little more easy to eat with your hands, like a hot dog board. In fact, we’ve got a perfect guide to making those right here…