Milky Way Ice Cream Cones are apparently launching in UK supermarkets soon

13 Mar 2024



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Anyone for a Milky Way ice cream cone?

Well, word on the street is these are landing on UK supermarket shelves soon, and we personally can't wait.

The ice cream is "malt and cocoa flavour," with "white chocolate stars and milk chocolate drops," scattered on top.

This all comes whipped up and put into a cone. Sounds pretty dreamy, right?

Milky Way ice cream cones are apparently landing in the UK (Credit: Food Finds UK)

The news of this product's arrival was spilled on various food blogs recently, including @UKNewestFood.

They claimed the cones would soon be landing on shelves, whilst Facebook blog Food Finds UK Official also gushed about their arrival in UK supermarkets.

Whilst Mars themselves haven't confirmed the arrival of these Milky Way cones, it's looking like they're incoming.

We don't yet know a price or which specific supermarkets will be selling them, so this is really just a PSA that they're likely coming!

Naturally, we'll let you know as soon as we know more.

This isn't the first Milky Way ice cream to hit UK supermarkets, but so far, it has only been available in tubs.

The ice cream first launched in tubs (Credit: Mars inc)

The Milky Way tubs are available in Farm Foods (and various other online retailers), and also promise a malty, cocoa infused ice cream, starting from a RRP of £3.

But for some reason, people seem to be even more excited about the cones.

As announcements started surfacing about the Milky Way ice cream cones, the internet filled up with shoppers who couldn't wait to get them hands on 'em.

"Oooo look so good," said one person in the comments.

Whilst another tagged a pal and wrote: "We need this."

Milky Way is a beloved chocolate bar in the UK (Credit: Getty)

"Omg I want one!," commented someone else.

In other exciting product news, Aldi just announced its adding a new product to its creme liqueur range, if that's more your thing.

The budget supermarket has only gone and launched a Creme Egg inspired liqueur for Easter, and we can pretty much guarantee it's any chocolate lover's dream.

Dubbed the Ballycastle Chocolate Creme, it's in stores and online from the 14th March (so, get ready to raid your local store!).

You can find out more about that one here.

Featured image: Milky Way/ Food Finds UK


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