Milkybar speculoos chocolate bar has landed in stores

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Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

Remember when we told you about the new Milkybar Speculoos chocolate bar that was landing on UK shelves? 

Well, that moment is here, people. 

You can now get the popular Nestlé white choccy packed with caramelised speculoos biscuit pieces – and in your local supermarket, too! 

Instagram food blog, @NewFoodsUK was the one who spotted the chocolate bars had made their way into Tesco stores, and it’s safe to say that people were excited.

“This might slip into my trolley if I see it,” said one person in the comments.

Whilst another tagged a friend and wrote: “We need this!!!!!”

“Another one I need in my life,” said a third.

As a fourth penned: “Need these.”

Whilst the speculoos Milkybar is new to the UK, they have been available in the form of Nestlé’s European Galak Speculoss in B&M stores for a while now.

milkybar speculoos tesco where buy uk galak

Nestle’s Galak Speculoos was previously available in the UK (Credit: Nestle)

The new drop comes not long after the launch of Milkybar Gold, which was hugely popular when it landed, promising the brand’s standard white chocolate but with caramelised flavours.

We don’t have any official info about the launch of the new speculoos Milkybar, what its price-point will be or the official date of its drop, but we’ll be sure to let you know as soon as we get word from the Milkybar gods.

In other chocolate news, Cadbury recently released a new Caramilk crispy bar which sounds pretty epic, too.

The Caramilk Crispy is made from blonde chocolate, and comes with a delicious crisped rice centre for added crunch.

It joins a Darkmilk bar (which is basically a richer, darker milk chocolate for those with sophisticated palates), which has a smooth hazelnut praline inside it.

Anyone else craving chocolate now?!

Featured image: Getty/ Instagram: NewFoodsUK