MilkyWay launches ice cream tubs and they look insane

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Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

It’s almost ice cream season, and what better way to hail the occasion than with a brand new flavour, inspired by everyone’s favourite chocolate bar.

Yep, you can now buy tubs of MilkyWay ice cream, and they sounds like a literal dream.

Available at Farm Foods stores across the UK, the ice cream promises to taste just like the MilkyWay bar, made with a mixture of “malt flavour ice cream and cocoa flavour ice cream” and a swirl of “cocoa flavour sauce” for good measure.

The fun new ice cream flavour costs £3 for a 445ml tub, and you can find your nearest FarmFoods store here.

There’s not yet any news of if the ice creams are going to be sold on shelves beyond Farm Foods, but we’ll be sure to update you when we know more.

The product was first flagged by food page, @treatsinstore, and has since been doing the rounds all over Instagram.

Blogger @johns_snackreviews was another of the first to try the flavour, and agreed it was worth people sampling, although commented that the flavours were a little basic.

“I NEEEEED IT,” wrote someone in the comments.

millyway ice cream

The product is based on the MilkyWay bar (Credit: Alamy)

Whilst another who had tried it penned: “Cant get over its taste.”

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen different MilkyWay spin-offs hitting shelves.

In 2021, you might remember MilkyWay biscuits landed in stores, and they can still be bought from the likes of Morrisons, ASDA and B&M today.

milkyway ice cream

Yes, please (Credit: MilkyWay)

If MilkyWay isn’t your thing, you can also get Caramilk ice cream tubs and sticks now, too.

According to ice cream giant Froneri, which worked on the launch, the ice cream sticks offer a “velvety smooth centre, coated in a delicious golden blend of caramelised white chocolate made from real Cadbury Caramilk”.

Meanwhile, the tub is filled with “creamy vanilla ice cream with a golden caramel chocolate centre”.

Yup, that’s an ice cream tub with a Caramilk core. What a time to be alive…

You can read more about where to get those bad boys here.