Cadbury Caramilk ice cream tubs to land in the UK

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Listen up all fans of Cadbury Caramilk. Your time is now.

The beloved chocolate brand has only gone and released its iconic caramelised white choccie bar in ice cream form (and you can rest assured we’re legging it to the shops despite the rather nippy weather outside).

Already a hit in Australia, the Cadbury Caramilk ice cream is finally landing on UK shelves in ASDAs across the country, and we’re sure in for a treat.

Not only will shoppers be able to grab a 480ml tub of the stuff, but they’ll also be able to buy boxes of four 90ml sticks – both products retailing at £3.50.

According to ice cream giant Froneri, which worked on the launch, the ice cream sticks offer a “velvety smooth centre, coated in a delicious golden blend of caramelised white chocolate made from real Cadbury Caramilk”.

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Meanwhile, the tub is filled with “creamy vanilla ice cream with a golden caramel chocolate centre”.

Yup, that’s an ice cream tub with a Caramilk core. What a time to be alive…

The new iced Caramilk delights only landed this month (February), but they’re already causing a lot of buzz online.

When food blogger New Foods UK shared the news, it’s safe to say that people were excited.

“No words apart from NEED,” wrote one person in the comments.

Whilst another simply tagged a mate and wrote: “GET ME THIS.”

“Christ on a bike,” said a third alongside a string of heart-eyed emojis.

Caramilk is one of Cadbury’s most popular bars (Credit: Alamy)

Brunhilde VanAntwerp, UK head of marketing for Cadbury ice cream said: “Following the success of the confectionary range, we were able to see that customers desire to try new ice creams. The UK confectionery launch showed that 13 weeks from launch, Cadbury Caramilk became worth £15.45 million proving that it is a taste already loved by many.”

They went on to say that an “exciting launch” has been planned for Caramilk’s ice creams going forward, so we’ll be keeping our eyes peeled for that.

You can find your nearest ASDA here, or grab a tub for yourself online.