Morrisons is selling an Easter pizza absolutely loaded with chocolate

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The best part about Easter is that you get to eat alllll the chocolate.

Easter eggs are one thing, but what about an Easter egg stuffed with chocolate cheesecake, or a hot cross bun dipped in Nutella? At this time of year, anything goes.

One supermarket who totally gets that is Morrisons, and that’s why it has gone and released an ‘Easter pizza’ with a twist – it’s absolutely loaded with chocolate.


Now on sale for a very reasonable £3.50, the product is basically a traditional 10 inch pizza base that’s slathered with cream cheese, chocolate chips, cookie dough and mini eggs.

This might be your first time seeing the pizza base, but others might be familiar with the Easter special, seeing as it has been a recurring feature in Morrisons stores since 2021.

As it was shared online by Instagram food blogger, NewFoodsUK, it’s safe to say that there was a strong reaction online.

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morrisons chocolate easter pizza

Morrisons’ chocolate Easter pizza isn’t to be missed (Credit: Alamy)

“Neeeed,” wrote one.

Whilst another gushed: “This looks like the best pizza ever.”

Not everybody was convinced though, with one Instagram user labelling the product a “crime,” whilst another wrote: “This is wrong on so many levels.”

Hey, dessert pizza isn’t for everyone, but it is certainly for us.

If you have less of a sweet tooth, you don’t have to miss out on the Easter fun, either. Did you know you can actually get cheese Easter eggs now?!

morrisons chocolate easter pizza cheese easter egg

Cheese Easter eggs are the latest big thing, too (Credit: Butlers)

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From the brand Butler’s Farmhouse Cheeses, the eggs come in two flavours: cheddar and blue cheese, for those who fancy something a bit funkier.

Selling in a box so they look exactly like their chocolatey counterparts, the products are technically half an Easter egg, but you’d never tell from the front.

The Easter egg halves can be chopped up and eaten on crackers or popped into a sandwich.

You can find out more about them here.