Pizza Hut creates the world’s largest pizza with 68,000 slices

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You’d certainly need more than a few friends and large garlic & herb dip to conquer this colossal pizza!

Yes, the world record for the world’s largest pizza has officially been broken, after Pizza Hut opted to celebrate the return of its Big New Yorker pie the only way they knew how… with even more pizza!

As reported by Reuters, although the huge pie was made to celebrate the relaunch of the popular Big New Yorker, the record was actually broken at the Los Angeles Convention Center in California.

And the venue was certainly big enough to accommodate the mammoth challenge, as the Pizza Hut team got to work constructing the 13,990-square-foot pizza.

Cooks worked tirelessly to smash the world record. Credit: REUTERS / Alamy

Per the press release from Pizza Hut, workers started by piecing together layers of dough in order to form the enormous base.

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Next, gallons of tomato sauce was slathered onto the dough, before the cheese and other toppings were sprinkled on top.

Credit: REUTERS / Alamy

Once it was all assembled, the giant pie was baked in separate pieces in a device that would cook the pizza slowly (as there wasn’t a commercial oven anywhere in the country that could handle this monster).

The genius cooking device. Credit: REUTERS / Alamy

And on Friday, a representative from the Guinness World Records confirmed the news; that this was indeed the biggest pizza the world has ever seen. In all, it consisted of 13,653lbs of dough, 4,948lbs of pizza sauce, over 8,800lbs of cheese, and a staggering 630,496 slices of pepperoni.

Its immense size equated to more than 68,000 slices! To put that into context, the world record for most slices eaten was set in 2018 when a man called Geoffrey Esper ate 83 slices in just 10 minutes. (Which is still just around 0.12% of what was accomplished last week.)

YouTuber Airrack was also on-hand to help celebrate the accomplishment, later tweeting: “True story: When I was 8 yrs old I threw a pizza party at a bowling alley and no one showed up. To get revenge, I spent the past 18 years scheming how to make the world’s largest pizza and today it happened. No one out-pizzas the hut.”

And we know what you’re thinking, but fear not – this pizza was not all for show and none of it went to waste. Speaking to Reuters, Pizza Hut CEO David Graves revealed that the pizza’s 68,000 slices would be donated to local food banks once this official Guinness ruling was in.

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Pizza Hut’s amazing accomplishment comes 11 years after the world record for the world’s biggest pizza was set by a group of Italian chefs, with their impressive effort measuring 13,580-square-foot.

And although this pizza may have broken the record for the “world’s biggest pizza”, there’s still a part of me that feels like I could take it down on a hangover.

Featured image credit: REUTERS / Alamy