Pizza Hut Japan launches pizza topped with huge heap of coriander

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Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

Just when you think we’ve had every pizza topping known to man – from fish and chip to banana curry (don’t ask) – Pizza Hut has just revealed a new flavour combination. 

The international pizza franchise, originally founded in Kansas, is set to launch a brand new item on their menu for their Japanese fans.

Topped with prawns, tomato paste, and yangneom (sweet and sour) sauce, the unique pizza also boasts a large heap of one of the most divisive herbs ever…coriander.

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Aptly named the “Too Much Cilantro” pizza, the fast-food giant stated in a Japanese (translated) press release: “The moment you open the box, you’ll be surprised by the fragrance.

“It’s a non-standard amount of cilantro to which Gen Z can’t help but say: ‘Wow, it’s like grass is growing.’”

Earlier this week, Pizza Hut Japan posted a TikTok to promote the pizza, and according to the video the coriander pizza was just one of over 100 different unique flavour combinations the company had been working on. 

Watch that below: 


社長に新商品提案してみた🙄🌿 #ピザハット #パクチーすぎて草 #パクチー #社長 #社長と部下

♬ オリジナル楽曲 – 【公式】ピザハット – 【公式】ピザハット

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Apparently, the new pizza is meant to generate a buzz on the internet, and given we’re telling you all about it, we guess they’re kinda right!

The “Too Much Cilantro” will be sold in limited quantities from March 20th to April 9th at 251 of Pizza Hut Japan’s 520 outlets in Japan.

Many people dislike coriander because they believe it tastes like soap or dirt, which studies have shown is actually the result of genetics (it’s not just them being fussy!).

In fact, the University of Toronto detailed that the genetic difference is experienced most in young Canadians with East Asian roots – including those with Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Thai and Vietnamese descent – with 21 percent of them disliking the herb. 

coriander pizza hut

Coriander has always been a divisive herb (Credit: Alamy)

Interestingly, the study also found that just three percent of people with Middle Eastern backgrounds disliking coriander. Those with Hispanic and South Asian ancestry weren’t far behind, at four and seven percent respectively. 

As for the coriander pizza, we’ll have to rely on our Japanese pizza fans to let us know how it tastes. 

We don’t even dislike the herb, but we’re not sure we’d want a whole pizza covered in the stuff.

Still, they certainly got us talking, didn’t they!