Popeyes new Buffalo Chicken Sandwich is coming for the McDonald's McSpicy crown

19 Mar 2024



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Popeyes' new Buffalo Ranch Chicken Sandwich has just dropped, and it might just be a hit with those who love the McDonald's McSpicy.

Yup, the New Orleans chicken joint is making moves on the UK fast food scene.

First they dropped a breakfast menu to rival Maccies, and now their chicken burger is coming for the Golden Arches' spice crown, too.

The burger is limited edition, and drops at the same time as their Buffalo Saucin’ Wings - yum.

Popeyes' new Buffalo Ranch range is here (Credit: Popeyes)

The Buffalo Ranch Chicken Sandwich (£6.99) is a twist on Popeyes’ popular Chicken Sandwich, with the addition of tangy Buffalo and cooling Ranch to kick things up a notch.

Meanwhile, the Saucin' Wings have the same Buffalo hit following a hugely successful release over in the US.

Available in five (£4.99), eight (£7.50), or 12 wings (£10.99), or as part of a meal with fries and a drink, these wings are a sure-fire way to spice up an order.

The new menu additions come alongside the release of Popeyes' Louisiana BBQ Wrap (£5.50), which is made with chicken tenders, BBQ sauce and smoked cheese.

These crispy Saucin' Wings are available too (Credit: Popeyes)

You can get the wrap as part of a meal, too, complete with fries and a drink.

All these banging new menu items drop on menus today (Tuesday 19th March), which means you can get em right now! Check your nearest Popeyes here.

It comes as Maccies' McSpicy has been a fan favourite since in launched in 2021, dubbed the chain's 'spiciest ever' burger to get a permanent menu slot.

Dave Hoskins, Head of Food at Popeyes UK said: "We are excited to announce the launch of Popeyes Buffalo Ranch Chicken Sandwich and Buffalo Saucin’ Wings.

"This marks the first time sauced wings have appeared on Popeyes’ restaurant and drive-thru menus in the UK following their success with fans in the US - plus a spicy new take on our famous Chicken Sandwich, which features our iconic shatter-crunch chicken.

Hit your local Popeyes now to grab this range before it goes (Credit: Popeyes)

"Both the sandwich and wings are made with our in-house developed sauces, created by our team following fan requests for more Popeyes flavour combos.

"Designed to be tangy with a tingle of heat, and paired with cooling Ranch, we’re confident that both new additions will get the nation’s taste buds poppin’ – and we can’t wait for people to try them."

Featured image: Popeyes/ Getty


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