US chain Sonic brings out a pickle juice slush for a limited time

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Pickle addicts, your time is now. Sonic is bringing back its iconic pickle slush as part of its new menu.

The US burger chain has always been an advocate for all things pickle, having launched pickle fries a matter of months ago.

But now they’ve taken things one step further, announcing the return of its dill pickle frozen drink.

sonic pickle slush

Sonic’s pickle slush is back (Credit: Sonic)

In case you aren’t familiar, the Pickle Juice Slush is a combo of Sonic’s normal, sweet slush and the flavours you’d expect from a pickle – salty, briney goodness.

It’s said to taste “just like you’re sipping out of the pickle jar” (a description that would make some people shudder, and others giddy with excitement…)

The drink is only back for a three week period, and it’s the first time it’s been on sale since back in 2018.

It landed in select Sonic stores again on August 8th, and is available until August 28th. Plus, if you buy it through the Sonic app you can get it for half price.

Americans are going to want to head to Sonic, ASAP (Credit: Alamy)

“SONIC fans demanded more pickles, and America’s Favorite Drive-In is giving them what they want,” reads a statement from Sonic’s website.

The slush isn’t Sonic’s only pickley release, as it is also dropping a Big Dill Cheeseburger on its menu again, alongside its much beloved pickle fries.

As you might expect, the pickle fries are literally dill pickles cut into the shape of… well, fries, and deep fried.

Meanwhile, the cheeseburger is stuffed with crispy pickle fries and crinkle cut pickle slices, as well as a dill-infused ranch sauce. Alongside all the pickley fillings, the burger will feature a seasoned beef patty, chopped lettuce and American cheese, in a toasted brioche bun.

Sonic's pickle burger

Sonic’s pickle burger looks like an absolute dream (Credit: Sonic Drive-In)

“Our pickle-forward menu innovations have become some of our most popular, so much so that they’ve often sold out quicker than we anticipated,” said Mackenzie Gibson, Sonic’s Vice President of Culinary & Menu Innovation.

“Our pickle-obsessed guests have been patiently waiting for their return, and we’re very excited to offer them once again for a limited time.”

Whilst some people might not be into all that dill, the new menu additions are sure to get some of you into a pickle.

Sorry UK readers, Sonic is yet to grace our high-streets, so this news is just for lucky Americans at present.

If you’re feeling left out, though, why not make your own pickle ice lollies at home? We’ve got the how-to here.