Terry’s brings back mint chocolate orange after last year

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Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

Terry’s Chocolate Orange is bringing back its new mint flavour to shelves this year.

Yup, alongside its usual fruity chocolate flavour, you’re now able to get Terry’s in milk chocolate with refreshing spearmint notes.

The chocolate bar is available at Tesco stores up and down the UK, as well as at B&M and Heron Foods.

What a treat, ey?

The new Chocolate Orange flavour flew off shelves last year, despite being a controversial addition.

Like chocolate orange, mint chocolate can be a crowd divider, but for all those who slate it there are others who are all over it.

As food blogger @NewFoodsUK shared the news, one person gushed: “I need”.

Meanwhile, another wrote: “Oh my good giddy god.”

“Yes! Can’t stand chocolate orange. I can finally tap and unwrap!,” someone else commented.

terry's chocolate orange mint uk where buy

Terry’s Chocolate Orange has released a mint flavour again this year (Credit: Wikimedia Commons)

“Not sure how I feel about this…if it’s not broke don’t fix it…,” a more sceptical shopper chimed in.

There have been several tweaks to the classic Terry’s Chocolate Orange over the years, including a white chocolate version and one jammed full of mini egg pieces.

A mint version of the Chocolate Orange did used to exist several years ago, too, but hadn’t been on sale for over a decade before it re-emerged last year.

The chocolate gift is usually a favourite over the Christmas period, but we aren’t averse to getting ahead of the curve.

Featured image: Wikimedia Commons/ Terry’s