Terry’s Chocolate Orange Mint is apparently on the way

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Big news, Terry’s Chocolate Orange fans.

Word on the street is that there’s a brand new flavour landing on shelves this summer, and the brand is straying from its usual fruity notes.

According to a bunch of in-the-know food bloggers, Terry’s Chocolate Orange Mint is coming this summer, and it sounds like a literal dream.

Food page @UKSnackAttack was one of the first to drop the news, sharing a picture of the new minty choc, and writing: TAKE A BOW CHOCOLATE ORANGE, your REIGN is OVER!

“That’s right folks, Terry’s are coming out with a minty fresh new product.”

Oooft. Sign us up.

Fellow food blog, @treatsinstore also told its fans about the news from Mondelez, writing that the minty spin-off was expected in August or September of this year.

We haven’t had official confirmation from the horses mouth yet, but Twisted has reached out to the folks at Terry’s for comment.

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terry's chocolate orange mint

Would you try a minty chocolate orange? (Credit: Alamy)

There have been several tweaks to the classic Terry’s Chocolate Orange over the years, including a white chocolate version and one jammed full of mini egg pieces.

A mint version of the Chocolate Orange did used to exist several years ago, too, but hasn’t been on sale for over a decade.

Reacting to the potential new snack, it’s safe to say that people had some thoughts. 

“About damn time this country got onto the mint chocolate,” said one person. “Orange chocolate is overrated.”

Whilst another wrote: “I was eating the orange one the other day and thought it would be great if they did a mint one.”

terry's chocolate orange mint

Terry’s used to serve a mint version back in the day (Credit: Reddit)

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“They did one years ago it was soooo nice!,” said a third.

However, others weren’t as convinced, with a fourth simply replying with a string of queasy emojis.

“Yuck,” someone else chimed in.

Can’t please ’em all, ey?

We’ll update you as soon as we have more details about the exciting new launch. In the meantime, we’ll be sat here dreaming about tucking into one.