Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

What A Combo! Twisted and Sony launch a podcast with Fern Brady


Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

Article by Joanna Sarah-Freedman

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What’s that…? Twisted has a podcast? With Sony and comedian Fern Brady? WHAT A COMBO!

Yup, you heard it here first, guys. We’ve only gone and entered the podcast world, and we naturally had to focus on the topic we know best – fusion food.

Check out the first episode below: 

What A Combo! is hosted by incredible comedian, author and big-food-lover Fern Brady, and sees a bunch of famous guests try a whole loada food combinations – some delicious and some… less so.

You see, here at Twisted we’ve been effortlessly combining foods for nearly a decade. We’re proud professional Combo Harvesters. So, it made sense for our first podcast to celebrate just that.

Twisted and Sony’s What A Combo! podcast with Fern Brady

what a combo fern brady twisted podcast

Fern Brady is hosting Twisted’s new podcast in partnership with Sony (Credit: Twisted/ Sony)

So, what’s the deal?

Let’s face it, nothing gets people talking more than FOOD, which is why each episode, Fern gets to know her guests over three bites.

The catch is it’s a feast made up of weird and wonderful combinations, and as Fern and her guests try ’em all we’re taken on a journey with them.

Let’s break it down…

The Snacking Combo

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Beef Hoola Hoops and cheese – a perfect snacking combo (Credit: Twisted)

First up is the Snacking Combo, which is two foods the guest often pairs together (think banana and peanut butter, or marmite and cheese).

They might be bonafide favourites in the guest’s kitchen, but will Fern like their choice?

The Wild Combo

what a combo fern brady twisted podcast

Fish finger Keema naan… tell me more (Credit: Twisted)

Next, things get progressively weirder as the guests present their Wild Combo…aka, the bizarre guilty pleasure snack you’ve been snuffling in secret when nobody else is about to judge you.

You know what we’re talking about… Ketchup and noodles, chocolate and cheese. They shouldn’t work but you low-key believe they do.

From Keema naan with fish fingers to tomato and pickle relish sandwiches, we’ve had some pretty innovative ones here, but the reactions have definitely been mixed.

Maybe our guests will prompt you to try something new?

The Twisted Combo

what a combo fern brady twisted podcast

Chocolate biryani is one of Twisted’s offerings (Credit: Twisted)

Finally, our Twisted chefs get involved and create a crazy combo for Fern and her guest to try.

If you’ve ever taken a look at our recipes before, you’ll know that we don’t shy away from the most bonkers of fusion recipes, from the famous pizzadilla to the Yorkshire pudding lasagne we recently launched in Iceland.

But we’ve taken it up a notch especially for Fern and her guests, cooking up a bunch of food combos (some beloved around the world and some completely new) that’ll definitely get people talking.

Intrigued? Some of these include watermelon and mustard – as made famous by Lizzo – apple pie and cheddar cheese, ice cream and chilli crisp and a chocolate biryani. 

Will they be deemed good combos or bad combos? The jury is still out…

So, who are the What A Combo! guests?

what a combo fern brady twisted podcast

Big Has is one of the What A Combo! guests (Credit: Twisted)

We’re keeping some of the What A Combo! guests under wraps RN, but the first is none other than Hasan Semay, aka chef and TV star, Big Has.

His rather expletive filled episode sees the paid tucking into his fave Snacking Combo – salt and vinegar crisps and chocolate sauce. Yep, you read that right.

Then, the Cypriot chef offers up some Knafeh, which is a sweet pastry combining cheese and nuts. A naturally occurring food combo beloved in the Middle East…

We won’t reveal what the Twisted chefs knock up for him, but you can find out by listening to his episode or, even better, watching along on YouTube (link above!).

Up and coming guests include:

  • Bake Off winner and TV fave, Nadiya Hussain
  • Poet, comedian and actor, Tim Key
  • Actor and comedian Sindu Vee
  • Comedian Ivo Graham
  • YouTuber Abi Clarke
  • Comedian, documentarian and Never Mind The Buzzcocks presenter, Jamali Maddix

And many more, obvs.

Stay tuned and we’ll be running through the recipes with you as they drop, and keep an eye on the Twisted YouTube channel so you can feast your eyes on them, too.

What A Combo! from Twisted and Sony drops Thursdays on Spotify, Apple Music or wherever you get your podcasts – make sure you listen along! 

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