People are debating which French fry shape needs to be erased from time

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French fries, pretty much across the board, are glorious.

Unless you’re completely incompetent, it’s pretty hard to mess up the classic combination of carbs, salt and grease. Throw a splash of vinegar on there and you have the quintessential salt, fat, acid heat quadrumvirate of deliciousness.

However, while fried potatoes are obviously great, not all varieties are created equal. This explains why many people across the Internet are currently fighting about chips.

French fries The internet is debating over which French fries should be banned (Credit: Alamy/nito)

Which French fries should be banned?

The controversy seems to stem from, of all places, The Food Network. In a now-infamous viral tweet, the broadcaster asked its followers which classic French fry shape they would choose to eliminate forever.

Options on The Food Network shortlist include the classic thin-cut French fry, as well as crinkle, curly and waffle fries. While the author might have expected a civilised debate, reaction soon spiralled into an all-out Twitter war.

Within minutes, thousands of commenters were weighing in on the debate, often with completely contradictory opinions.

For instance, one Twitter user confidently declared that “curly is a sin”. In the same thread, however, another hit back: “Crinkle. Anyone who says ‘curly’ can meet me by the bike racks at 3pm.”

Although every option had some supporters, it soon became clear that crinkle fries were polling near the bottom. Choice comments about Chick-Fil-A’s signature shape include, “crinkle fries are never good,” and, “obviously, the crinkle. They are useless, just eat a soggy potato.”

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However, many users were quick to defend the much-maligned chip. As one Twitterer put it, “It’s clear that alot of people have never had crinkle fries cooked the right way.”

While it’s all a matter of personal taste, there’s no doubt that the Internet isn’t short of a strong French fry opinion or two.

Alton Brown French fry Alton Brown weighed in on The Food Network French fry debate (Credit: Alamy/UPI)

Alton Brown weighs in

It soon became clear that the ferocious French fry debate was involving some of the biggest names on the food industry.

For instance, after thousands of furious exchanges, Food Network star and Good Eats host Alton Brown weighed in, writing: “Why is everything a competition with you people? I’m not getting rid of any of them. We can all live together. Why you gotta make trouble?”

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However, Brown’s attempt at acting peacemaker was quickly shot down by Twitter user @seaforchloe, who shot back: “Sorry Alton, there’s no place in this world for crinkle cut fries”.

From the Twisted point of view, we’re very much in the Alton Brown camp. After all, as we established earlier, it’s very hard to totally mess up any form of fried potato.

That said, if we had to pick, crinkle fries do seem to disappoint more regularly than most.