Phizz is the best hangover cure you’ve never heard of – and it’s actually good for you

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Curing a hangover is never an exact science. However, after years of dutifully experimenting, I can say with some confidence that some techniques are more effective than others.

Given my relative experience in this area, I was pretty certain that I had tried and tested all the most popular methods. Fry-ups, food before bed, getting drunk again the next day – I have, in some form or other, covered almost every available base.

That was, however, until I discovered the incredible power of Phizz.

Phizz tablets Phizz 2-in-1 multivitamin hydration tablets can have a huge impact on wellness (Credit: Phizz)

Phizz multivitamin hydration tablets

A vitamin tablet with a difference, Phizz is taking the supplement world by storm.

Scientifically formulated to have the best blend of vitamins and minerals on the market, it is engineered to be the ultimate energy enhancer.

The tablets, which are now available at Sainsbury’s, are extremely popular with athletes, as they have been proven to help you rehydrate up to three times faster than water alone. This is just one of the reasons why they are an absolute must-have for anyone after a heavy night.

Over the course of a week, I took two Phizz tablets once a day, dissolved in 300ml of water. Initially, I was a little sceptical, as previous experiences with similar supplements have left me with nothing but chronic heartburn and luminous urine.

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However, I have to admit that Phizz actually did give me more energy throughout the working week. After a few days, I noticed that my afternoons were a lot less snoozy and significantly more productive. This trend continued throughout the duration of the test period.

But, for all their more subtle benefits, where the tablets really came into their own was after a bottle of wine on Saturday night.

Where under normal circumstances, Sunday might have been a write-off, my morning Phizz made me feel almost normal. The results were alarming, to the point where I even decided to go for a jog.

Given my historical track record of hangover indulgence, this reaction really was something remarkable.

Anything that can make Friday afternoon into a productive period is obviously worth watching. If it can also potentially cure your ills after a post-work pub visit, it’s not just useful, but essential.

Thanks to my admittedly unscientific experiment, I can confirm that Phizz delivers on both fronts. Drink up.

Phizz tablets Liverpool Phizz tablets are used by professional sports teams (Credit: Phizz)

Why does Phizz work?

There are several reasons why Phizz is not just a great hangover cure, but a great energy enhancer.

In science-speak, the drink is a hypotonic electrolyte solution. In real terms, what this means is that it can replace the nutrients that your body loses throughout the day faster.

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Through osmosis, Phizz enhances the amount of water your body absorbs. The drink also replenishes electrolytes and contains a soup of no less than 19 vitamins & minerals, including vitamins B, C and zinc.

Phizz tablets also support your immune system and aid brain function, recovery, and wellness.

Because of these incredible benefits, Phizz is used by over 50 professional sports teams around the world. These illustrious clients include Saracens and Liverpool Football Club.

If it’s good enough to help win a Premier League, it’s probably good enough for you.

Phizz Sainsbury's Phizz has partnered with Sainsbury’s supermarket (Credit: Phizz)

Where can I get Phizz?

Excitingly for would-be Phizz-ers, the 2-in-1 multivitamin hydration tablets are now on sale at Sainsbury’s. Available at stores nationwide, as well as online, there’s no excuse not to join the wellness revolution.

In addition, any purchase is currently available with a £3 discount on any Phizz tube, both in-store and on the website.

This offer is valid until the 23rd of March 2021, so you’ve still got time to stock up.

Trust us, whether you’re running a marathon or celebrating something special, you won’t regret it.