There is now a roast dinner eating challenge tearing up the food scene

Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

For decades, competitive eating has been dominated by a rogues’ gallery of largely interchangeable foods. Though giant burgers, burritos and pizzas remain impressive, after a while they all seem a bit samey. It’s time some fresh blood was injected into the global gluttony game. Step forward, The York Roast Company.

Clearly unhappy with the lack of British representation in modern competitive eating, the Yorkshire based business have unleashed a new creation on an unsuspecting public. The new challenge consists of an entire roast dinner, complete with all the trimmings, all encased in a monstrous Yorkshire pudding burrito.

A family run business, specialising in a variety of roast meat sandwiches since 2004, The York Roast Company are considered one of the early pioneers of the Yorkshire Pudding Burrito. Their YorkyPud wrap has been a popular addition to the menu since it made its debut in August 2017, and has attracted eager diners from across the northern English counties since the very early weeks of its release. Considering the size of the public appetite, it was only a matter of time before the business took their invention to the next gigantic level.

Containing half a kilo of British beef, six stuffing balls, 750g of roasted vegetables and over half a pint of gravy, York Roast’s new baby is certainly a sizeable addition to the family. The wrap is so monstrous that it needs to be spread over two panini presses in order to be cooked correctly. Weighing more than two and a half kilos in total, and measuring nearly 21 inches, this challenge is not one for the faint of heart.

Kate Ovens challenge Credit: The Yorkshire Press

Though there are other challenges available, the York Roast Company’s take is the first to deliver the competitive roast dinner experience inside a Yorkshire pudding wrap. With a 10 inch girth, what really sets this task apart from others on the scene is the variety of ingredients. The presence of vegetables as well as meat means that diners really do get the full roast dinner experience to the max.

Given the size of this food mountain, it is perhaps surprising that one daring diner has already managed to scale it. In late March of this year, London-based giant food blogger Kate Ovens made the trip north specifically to tackle the latest kid on the competitive eating block. Having already disposed of opponents ranging from a 28oz burger to a 3 ft tall stack of pancakes, the aptly named Ovens is clearly no slouch when it comes to scoffing. Despite being initially intimidated, Ovens managed to dispose of the leviathan snack in a little over 55 minutes.

Kate Ovens eating challenge Credit: The Daily Star

Originally intended as a celebratory Easter release, plans to make the special challenge available to the general public are, unfortunately, on hold for now. However, hungry customers will be able to get their hands on a new “Beastly YorkyPud Wrap” – one and a half times the size of the business’ standard offerings. Whichever way you look at it, it’s clear that everyone’s favourite British meal can now take its place alongside the greats of global competitive eating.