Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

Brits are just realising Americans don’t butter their sandwiches


Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

Article by Joanna Sarah-Freedman

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It turns out a well buttered sandwich has always been something us Brits have taken for granted, because in America it isn’t a given.

Yup, a British tourist discovered this after her dad asked for a buttered sarnie on holiday in the States, only to be faced with a sandwich buttered in a rather peculiar way.

Instead of buttering the bread on the inside as normal, the sando instead came buttered on the outside, resulting in a rather messy looking plate of food.

“They don’t butter their sandwiches across the pond. This is what happened when my dad asked for his to be buttered.” the Brit said, sharing a picture on Reddit page, CasualUK.

reddit americans butter sandwich brits

This is how some Americans think you butter a sandwich (Credit: Alamy)

And the post soon racked up over 22,000 comments, with many Americans confirming this absolutely wild news.

“Nobody I’ve never met is buttering the bread on their turkey and lettuce sandwiches,” said one American.

“I’m 43. Never in my life have I had a sandwich that included butter unless it was toasted/grilled,” another chimed in.

As a third person penned: “My girlfriend is from the US and when I asked her if she’d buttered the bread for a sandwich she looked at me like I’d just grown a second head.”

“The first time I asked my non-British husband to butter some bread rolls to go with some soup he put the butter on the top just like this. To this day I don’t understand the thought process that brought him to that decision,” said someone else.

reddit americans butter sandwich brits

Buttering bread isn’t a given, apparently (Credit: Alamy)

For all the US residents in the comments who didn’t understand the big deal, there were Brits who were absolutely baffled. 

“This is not what the Earl of Sandwich fought for,” joked one. 

Whilst another said: “They must eat some dry ass sandwiches over there.”

This is why the world is collapsing,” a fellow Brit chimed in. 

It turns out sandwiches have always been a point of contention between Americans and Brits.

Case in point? The time people in the US tried to claim they invented crisp sandwiches. 

Yep, really. You can read that here. 

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