Brooklyn Beckham is being trolled over his new cooking show…again

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Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

You might have heard that Brooklyn Beckham is a chef, now.

Yup, after a foray in modelling, footballing and photography, David Beckham’s son has taken on a culinary career, sharing slick cookery videos with fans on his social media.

It’s safe to say that Brooklyn hasn’t had an easy start to his new venture. First, he faced criticism for the alleged price of his new show, and then he was mocked for seemingly claiming he afforded his swish sports car through his cooking career.

brooklyn beckham cooking show

Brooklyn Beckham is now exploring a career as a chef (Credit: Instagram/ Brooklyn Beckham)

However, just weeks later, he’s the topic of conversation again – this time due to the apparent simplicity of some of his recipes.

In the past, we’ve seen Brooklyn ‘cooking’ the likes of filled bagels and hash browns to his audience of 14.5 million. 

But the the most recent dish the 23-year-old shared was a fish and chip sandwich…

You can check it out yourself below:

Whilst the sarnie wasn’t exactly something you’d see on Great British Menu, there’s no denying it looked pretty darn tasty.

But some people still weren’t convinced he was flexing his cooking expertise quite enough.

“Oooh amazing. Make a marmite sandwich next,” wrote one person sarcastically in the comments.

As a second chimed in: “Beans on toast for your next delicacy?”

“Amazing, please could you show us how to make an egg & cress sandwich next,” said a third.

“So thats how you bought that car , right?,” wrote a fourth, referencing the controversial comment Brooklyn made in a viral TikTok.

brooklyn beckham cooking show

Brooklyn Beckham is coming for Gordon Ramsay’s crown (Credit: Instagram/ Brooklyn Beckham)

Of course, for all the trolls, there were an abundance of people who genuinely thought the sandwich looked banging (alongside a handful of baffled Americans wondering what they hype about fish and chips was, anyway).

Whilst Brooklyn’s recipes have, admittedly, been pretty basic in the past, we have to commend him for battering his own fish and making his own chips in this video.

Mind you, the New York Times cite that one episode of the celebrity’s cooking show costs £73,000, and involves a team of 62 people.

If we were forking out that much, we’d probably do the same…