Brooklyn Beckham roasted for ‘raw’ beef in Sunday dinner cooking tutorial

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Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

Brooklyn Beckham has done it again. As the world is gripped with chatter about nepo-babies, the budding chef appears to have been dragged into the cross-fire after sharing a recipe for a Sunday dinner with his fans.

You can watch the video here: 

If you’ve been following Brooklyn (or our fascination with him, here at Twisted), you’ll know that he’s been trying to make his mark in the world of food for quite some time, now – and good for him, we say!

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There’s nothing wrong with trying your hand at cookery, or wanting to be a chef, for that matter.

But despite the rather whopping budget the son of David Beckham and Victoria Beckham is rumoured to have behind his cooking show Cookin With Brooklyn, it’s safe to say he hasn’t always left everyone’s stomachs rumbling…

The latest example of this is Brooklyn’s Sunday dinner, which he cooked alongside former Michelin starred cook, Kevin Lee.

But whilst he cooked the roast and offered viewers a step-by-step how to guide, several viewers were concerned the beef he served was a little too rare for their taste. 

brooklyn beckham sunday roast

Not everyone was into Brooklyn’s beef (Credit: Instagram/ Brooklyn Beckham)

At the start of the video, we saw Brooklyn slather the roasting joint in butter, garlic and herbs (lots of butter, sure, but we’re not going to judge that!)

Then, he put the meat in the oven and cracks on with his beef fat potatoes and Yorkshire puddings and carrots, which we must admit look pretty banging.

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“Just like I have it in England. The best Sunday roast,” he said.

But viewers begged to differ when they clapped eyes with the meat he served up.

“I don’t think I would eat meat like that,” said one.

Whilst another wrote: “That looks very raw”.

brooklyn beckham

The aspiring chef opted for a rare cook on the beef (Credit: Instagram/ Brooklyn Beckham)

“Might as well bite the cow whilst it’s still grazing,” joked a third.

As a fourth wrote: “A good vet could bring that back to life.” Yikes.

Of course, everyone has different preferences when it comes to how they eat their meat, and we personally think there’s nothing wrong with Brooklyn’s roast beef.

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In fact, after coming across the video, Twisted‘s Creative Culinary Lead, Hugh, even complemented the meat’s reverse sear, and said: “That looks perfectly fine to me – if the French can have steak tartare, BB can have his roast on the mooing side of raw. Live and let live!”

There were other who were a little kinder to the aspiring cook online, too.

“The meat would need more cooking time for me. But all look delicious (sic),” said one person diplomatically.

As a fellow viewer wrote: “OMG you can’t beat a good old roast that looks decent.”

brooklyn beckham cooking show

Brooklyn Beckham is coming for Gordon Ramsay’s crown (Credit: Instagram/ Brooklyn Beckham)

Whatever you think of his beef, it’s not hard to see why Brooklyn’s cooking ambitions have been met with raised eyebrows and a hint of distain.

Brooklyn’s show comes after he fell in love with food when in lockdown with wife Nicola Peltz, and proceeded to share a plethora of cooking reels on his Instagram and TikTok, knocking up mostly simple recipes, like a bacon, egg and sausage sandwich and french toast.

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Such a newfound passion would likely remain a hobby for most of us…but not for Brooklyn. Fast forward a couple of months and he was reportedly throwing the big bucks at his new career, learning to cook everything from breakfast bagels to sushi, in high production episodes which aired across social media.

According to the New York Times, each eight minute episode of his show costs $1000,000 (£73,000), and has a team of 62, including a culinary producer, who approves all the recipes.

Whilst they’ve rubbed people up the wrong way, the shows have certainly offered some light relief.

brooklyn beckham cooking show

Brooklyn Beckham is now exploring a career as a chef (Credit: Instagram/ Brooklyn Beckham)

“I love cheese,” he says in one episode. “It’s like butter.”

Whilst in another ep, he rather profoundly explains: “Coleslaw gives sandwiches a different texture, like a crunchy texture”.

In Brooklyn’s defence we’re eagerly watching every episode, so he’s doing something right.