People are making Biscoff stuffed Yorkshire puddings and they look incredible

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Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

It seems as though the humble Yorkshire pudding is having a moment lately – with everything from beer to Indian cuisine taking inspiration from the Sunday roast staple. 

And now the usually savoury snack is being combined with another cult favourite product to make desserts as well – perfect if you have any leftovers after feeding the family this Christmas.

Social media stars Planet Food sent fans into a frenzy when they shared a video on how to make Yorkshire puds filled with Lotus Biscoff. Check out the clip from their TikTok account below – but prepare for your sweet tooth to be activated!  


Biscoff Yorkie Puds! 😍 #planetfood #foodtok #ukfood #christmastiktok #christmascountdown #airfryerrecipes #christmastok #airfryer #bakery #christmasbaking #chocolate #biscoffyorkies #yorkshirepudding 🧡 Air fry the Yorkshire pudding for 4 mins 200c until cooked 💜 Add raspberries to a shallow bowl and mash with a fork 🧡 Take tea spoonfuls of the raspberries and add to the yorkshire puds 💜 Add the dollops of biscoff (youll probs need to melt this first) 🧡 Probs need to refrigerate to set the biscoff again 💜 Top with a whole raspberry and icing sugar

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First baking the tiny treats in an air fryer, they then added mashed raspberries to the inside of the pudding, and topped it with a generous dollop of melted Biscoff. 

After refrigerating to harden the spread again, they sprinkled the finished product with icing sugar and a whole raspberry – and their 552.5K followers were absolutely obsessed. 

“The shops should take notice and add this to their party food sections,” read one comment, while another added, “I HAVE TO DO THIS!!”

However, not everyone was convinced by the ensemble – with one person claiming that the creation was “a crime”.  

PlanetFood created their sweet take on a Yorkshire pudding by adding Biscoff. (Credit: PlanetFood)

There’s always someone, right?

Thankfully, they seem to be in the minority – as there is a whole army of Yorkie lovers who are determined to use up all their leftovers by inventing ways to sweeten them up. 

Back in August, Instagram food blogger Laura Nightingale – who runs page @cakeontherun – shared the idea to turn her spare puddings into cinnamon sugar dough balls, with brilliant results. 

Similarly, TikTok, user @lilyghodrati got inventive and shared a recipe to convert Yorkshire puds into cronuts – even dolloping a ball of vanilla ice cream in the centre of the Yorkie for a real sweet hit.

yorkshire pudding

People are putting twists on their Yorkshires (Credit: Alamy)

If you prefer a more traditional stance to your Yorkshire pudding habits, though, then maybe Aldi’s latest offering will be more up your street?

The budget supermarket brand has outdone themselves once again with their festive food, and created a giant Yorkie stuffed with a 60cm pig in blanket. 

So what’s the conclusion? There really is no wrong way to eat a Yorkshire pudding – in fact, the more we can get our hands on, the better.

Now if you’ll excuse us, we’ve got some batter to be whipping up…