Aldi launches Yorkshire Pudding beer for Christmas

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Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

We love Yorkshire puddings. Frankly, who doesn’t?

We’ll eat them as they are, stuffed with giant pigs in blankets or even in dessert form (more on that here). But one form of Yorkie we had never considered was Yorkshire pudding beer.

Yup, it’s a real thing, and you can buy it at Aldi…

Yorkshire pudding beer

Anyone for Yorkshire pudding beer? (Credit: Aldi)

What is Yorkshire pudding beer?

The product comes from The Yorkshire Pudding Beer Brewery, which is actually an award-winning brewery based in Malton.

It’s supposed to be flavoured like actual Yorkshire Puddings, with the product based on the first-ever Yorkshire pudding recipe, which is said to have come from Hannah Glass in 1747.

A man called Howard Kinder created the tipple back in 2019, and the folks at Aldi have since spotted it and stocked it on shelves.

They know a quirky Christmas product when they see one!

yorkshire pudding

Anyone for Yorkshire pudding beer? (Credit: Alamy)

Yorkshire Pudding beer at Aldi

You can get a 500ml bottle of the beer for £1.49, but you’d better be quick, as the product sold out within hours of being restocked online. 

If it’s not online when you fancy buying some, can also find the Yorkshire Pudding beer on Aldi shelves, too, so make sure to check out your local branch.

Whether you’re a fan of the drink of you just wanna gift it to your Yorkshire ‘pud loving pal, there’s no denying that this novelty drink will go down a treat this Christmas.

It’s being stocked after winning a TV competition called Aldi’s Next Big Thing, which saw the beer product selected out of loads of innovative products to be stocked on UK shelves.

A new range of chocolates named Harry Specters Chocolate Bars will also be available at Aldi following the competition.

aldi yorkshire pudding

The Yorkshire pudding beer is available now (Credit: Aldi)

Howard Kinder, of Malton Brewery, says: “We were absolutely elated – and really happy that we got to share the victory with Harry Specters.

“For me, I’m not just happy that we’ve won, but that I get to continue working with my son.”

Brb, we’re off to Aldi to stock up on this Yorkshire Pudding beer, ASAP.