Everyone on Chinese social media is rinsing ‘boring’ Western lunches

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Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

Everyone knows that the UK is the food capital of the world, right?

Who wouldn’t take a tin of Spam over flavoursome cured Italian meats, or black pudding over some freshly prepared Sushi?

Okay, obviously that is the worst-case scenario but it’s no secret that Brits like to get abroad to delve into the cuisine of other cultures, because who doesn’t like eating their body weight in food while on holiday?

Well, it would seem that Western food isn’t viewed as favourably, as trends on Chinese social media demonstrate that our food isn’t widely loved across the globe.

Xiaohongshu users ridiculing Western food.

Ridiculing Western food has become a trend in China. (Credit: Xiaohongshu)

As documented by The China Project, Western cuisines such as raw vegetables, cold sandwiches, hummus, and apple slices have become the butt of the joke in Asia.

While the above may sound like a perfect lunch for some of us, given that it’s quick and easy to make – those in China who have a more complex palette are baffled at how “boring” our food is.

Lovingly dubbed “white people’s food” on Chinese social media sites such as lifestyle-sharing app Xiaohongshu, those who have left China to start a life in the West are confused by the standard of meal prep.

One user, now living in Denmark, shared an image of some carrots on top of spinach, questioning: “Can they [westeners] generate their own energy without eating?”

People from across China flooded the comments, with one hilariously stating: “I think they love the sun so much because of photosynthesis.”

Chinese social media users ridiculing Western lunches

In fairness, this is quite a weird lunch. (Credit: Xiaohongshu)

Another comment documented: “My colleague’s lunch that has remained unchanged for more than ten years is a handful of oatmeal mixed with low-fat yoghurt with half an apple and a carrot. For more than ten years, it has not changed.”

But before you rush to defend your Dairylea Lunchables, The China Project explained that people have already rallied in support of Western food.

Not only did they praise the caloric content and richness of fibre and nutrients, but they also stated that bringing it to work for lunch was “fuss-free”.

We all want to be preparing gourmet lunches for ourselves the night before work, but sometimes you’ve just got to slap some crisps between two bits of bread and call it a day.

Speaking of which, Walkers have opened crisp sandwich shops up and down the UK this week… so you don’t even have to make them yourselves.

Who said that Western food was boring?

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