Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

Man’s date ditches him after ordering 53 fried pickles worth £115


Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

Article by Joanna Sarah-Freedman

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Thought you had a horror date story? Well, we just heard the story of a guy left to fork out a £115 food bill after his date did a runner…

Paying a hefty food bill is one thing, but how would you feel if the bill was racked up thanks to 53 portions of fried pickles?

Believe it or not this actually happened, as one guy explains via the video below: 


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Speaking in a video on his TikTok page, user Zakir told how he was “painfully single,” and went on to reflect on the particularly tragic first date.

There were several question marks from the offset – he wasn’t enamoured by their chat prior to meeting and thought she didn’t look like her Bumble profile – but determined to give things a chance, he powered on.

“She looks 10 percent of what her photos look like. Did I panic a little bit and start thinking multiple things? Yes. Did I also think that maybe she’s a serial killer? Yes,” he recalled.

He added that despite this setback: “I brushed it aside. I wanted to get to know Her for who she is [and] see how it goes.”

The second blow came when Zakir called the waiter over only for his date to order an absolutely bonkers amount of fried pickles.

zockr fried pickle tiktok date

How many fried pickles is too many? (Credit: Getty)

In total, the date is said to have asked for 53 fried pickles on one plate, despite the fact a portion usually came with six.

Now, as fellow pickle people, this is the point to say this lady sounds like a gal after our own hearts, but unfortunately her behaviour deteriorated from there…

“Our server starts getting stressed out but says she’ll see what we can do that and fit it all in one plate,” Zakir explained.

Apparently, the waitress’ hesitancy subsequently wound his date up, who fumed “‘Why can’t you just f*ck*ing put it on a plate? It’s not that hard.'” Yikes.

The nail in the coffin for Zakir was a conversation about children. Despite seeing that his date had a child thanks to her Instagram bio, she is said to have boldly told him she didn’t have any.

zockr fried pickle tiktok date

The woman’s strange order wasn’t the only red flag (Credit: Getty)

Keen to end the date once and for all, the TikToker went to the bathroom to gather his thoughts, and intended to go back out and cut the night short.

Can anyone guess what happened next?

Yup, apparently, when Zakir left the bathroom he discovered his date had already left – and in her place? A bill for £115.

Granted, his food was on the bill, too, but there’s no denying the pickles ended up costing a lot, and what’s more, the woman had apparently taken them all to go.

“I came back out, I see our table, and it’s completely cleared out. I walk back to the table, and I see a piece of paper. I’m like, ‘what is this?’ And it’s the cheque.

“I paid $140 (£115) worth of fried pickles. I went up to the host. I said, ‘She took the fried pickles home, didn’t she?’ She said yes.”

Reacting to the video, people naturally found the whole thing hilarious – poor bloke.

“It’s fine, no big dill,” teased one person in the comments.

zockr fried pickle tiktok date

Zakir was left to fork out the bill (Credit: Getty)

Whilst another wrote: “Why are decent people always matching with VILLAINS?”

“You paid for 53 FRIED PICKLES!? You are so nice!,” chimed in a third. 

As a fourth wrote: “Sounds like a dill-emma. This made me laugh so hard.”

It comes after another dating horror story from TikTok went viral recently, in which a woman got ditched after ordering £150 worth of oysters. You can read about that here!

We’re all for ordering as much food as your heart desires, but if you’re gonna go on a date this hungry, at least pay for your share!

Featured Image: Getty

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