Debate as mum banned from restaurant due to ‘messy’ children

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A woman has sparked debate online after sharing that she was banned from a local restaurant due to her ‘messy’ children.

Selena Palomares, from Seguin, Texas, was turned away from Tex-Mex restaurant Taco Tejano because of her kids, despite having personally been a visitor for over 15 years.

The mum had rocked up with her two kids (aged two and three) and their grandmother to grab some tacos, only to be told they wouldn’t be allowed in due to the little’ns, local newspaper My San Antonio reports.

In a social media post, the embarrassed woman said her mother entered the restaurant first and was ready to get high-chairs ready at the table.

messy children banned restaurant mum

A mum was banned from a restaurant due to her messy kids (Credit: Unsplash)

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However, as she and the kids entered, the grandmother appeared and explained they were banned from eating there by staff.

“I have my two children in my hands and that’s when (my mum) pulls me to the side and she’s like, ‘They said that we couldn’t go inside and eat there because the kids make a mess and we don’t clean up after them’.” Ouch.

“Based on the last time they were in here, I personally made the decision to refuse service to them. Basically, that was all that was said when the mom came in by herself,” said Taco Tejano owner Alicia Sepeda to My San Antonio. “Just because of certain issues we’re going to refuse the right to service – period.

“I really want to remain respectful to everyone involved. I made a professional business decision based on my customer complaints, and how employees were being treated and that was it.”

messy children banned restaurant mum

The Tex-Mex restaurant in question (Credit: Google Maps)

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The mum-of-two said she was confused by the decision, as she claimed to have always tidied up after them.

“Every time we go out to eat I clean up after my kids, my kids aren’t throwing chairs around, they’re not running around the restaurant or tossing food across the restaurant – that’s not what is happening,” she said.

It’s natural that all kids leave some mess in their wake, but the statement sparked a debate about when (if ever) messy kids should justify an outright ban. 

Reacting to the news as it was shared by 7News, one person was in favour of the ban, writing: “If they want to make a mess, do it at home and clean their mess up yourselves. Restaurant staff aren’t paid to clean up people’s over the top mess.”

Whilst another concurred: “There are special restaurants for kids it’s called Home (sic).”

“Which kids aren’t messy?,” questioned another, suggesting the decision was unfair. 

What do you think? Is tidying up kids’ mess in restaurants part of the deal as a waiter, or did this eatery have a point?