People are sharing the discontinued snacks they want back again

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Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

We’ve all got a beloved snack that one day disappeared from shelves without notice, and left a hole in our hearts.

Truly, there’s nothing more distressing.

Whether it’s the Cadbury Dream bar or Coco Pop straws, the list of food items that ended up on the metaphorical scrap heap is too big to list in its entirety, but we thought a few deserved a moment of reflection.

To whittle it down, we took to Facebook to ask you, the Twisted audience, to share the discontinued food you’re still missing today.

Here are some of the corkers that came up time and time again. All remain gone but certainly not forgotten…

Heinz Toast Toppers

discontinued foods heinz toast toppers

Heinz toast toppers were a hit back in the day (Credit: Heinz)

Exactly what they say on the tin, Heinz toast toppers were a cult fave across the UK in the 70s, with flavours including creaming mushroom and bacon, pizza and curried chicken, designed to be dolloped generously onto toast and grilled.

Unfortunately, they left shelves in 2015 and can no longer be bought any more.

However, the good news is they’re pretty easy to replicate yourself at home.

On that note, have you seen Twisted Green’s Things On Toast series? Find one such banger here.

Twiglets Curry Flavour

discontinued foods twiglets curry flavour

Let’s never forget curry flavoured Twiglets (Credit: Wikimedia Commons)

As if Marmite crisps weren’t perfect enough on their own, Jacobs tried to launch curry flavoured Twiglets once.

Yup, really. It turns out some of you lot are missing them, too!

These came out in the early Noughties but quietly disappeared from shelves in the years that followed.

Fun fact, Jacobs also launched a Worcester Sauce flavoured Twiglet. But it turns out more of us love Marmite than hate it, because that’s the flavour that stuck!

Pacers Sweets 

discontinued foods  pacers opal mints

Opal Mints were another old school snack (Credit: Pacers/ YouTube)

Pacers – or Opal Mints, as they were originally called – were a popular sweet in the 70s, but are now no more. 

They were a truly elite mint according to many who once consumed them.

Essentially, Pacers were chewy little green and while sweets that had a texture like a Starburst, but tasted of spearmint (fun fact to follow!).

These are a serious OG sweet as they disappeared from shelves in the 80s, but what followed were Opal Fruits…do you know where this is going?

Today, Opal Fruits are known as Starbursts, and are still hugely popular. If only they’d just bring out a mint flavoured sweet to the pack!

Mars Delight

discontinued food mars delight

Mars Delight was probably the most popular answer (Credit: Mars Wrigley)

Ah, the Mars Delight…we miss it so.

These chocolate bars were another one that cropped up several times on your ultimate list of discontinued foods – so if you’re listening, Mars Wrigley, you know what to do!

The Mars Delight was thought of as a lighter version of the classic Mars Bar, although it was so much more.

It was basically a milk chocolate coated wafer with caramel and coconut cream inside it, but it unfortunately it stopped being sold back in 2008.

There’s even a petition demanding this one comes back, which gives you some idea of how loved it once was.

McDonald’s Breakfast Bagels

discounted food mcdonald's breakfast bagel

Lest we forget the McDonald’s Breakfast Bagel (Credit: McDonald’s)

Now, lucky US residents may still be able to get their hand on a McDonald’s Breakfast Bagel, but us Brits aren’t so lucky any more.

The morning staple was discontinued just before the Covid pandemic hit, and we haven’t seen it on menus since.

This is another one that has a petition behind it, but it hasn’t swayed Maccies just yet.

At the time they gave the bagels the cut, the Golden Arches did explain itself, stating on social media: “It is with love and deep respect for one another that we announce that we are parting ways with Breakfast Bagels & Breakfast Wraps.

“Despite speculation and following a trial separation period, Breakfast Bagels and Breakfast Wraps will not be returning to the menu. We adore each other deeply but our love for the iconic McMuffin was simply too hard to ignore.”

Burger King Hot Dog

discontinued food burger king hot dog

The Burger King hot dog didn’t stay around long (Credit: Burger King)

Burger King’s Hot Dog was a submission from our north American Twisted fans.

Quite impressive really, since they were only ever sold for six months back in 2016, on a trial basis.

They sold Classic and Chill Cheese Hot Dogs for customers to tuck into, but only on a trial basis, and they ultimately didn’t make the cut.

“We wanted it to be the Whopper of hot dogs,” Alex Macedo, who is president of Burger King North America, explained to CNBC. “The Whopper is America’s favourite burger, and we want this to be America’s favourite hot dog.”

Unfortunately, this wasn’t to be.

Philadelphia Cheesecake Bars

discontinued food philidelphia snack bars

Philadelphia’s collab with Kraft wasn’t forever (Credit: Kraft/ Reddit)

Philadelphia Cheesecake Bars were a banger from Kraft, which ended up being discontinued in 2005.

They were another of the products that you guys mentioned time and time again – and for good reason (queue another petition).

They had a buttery biscuit base and were topped with an unreal creamy cheesecake, slathered with fruity flavourings.

Truly, they just don’t do cake bars like this any more!

Cadbury Snowflake Bars

discontinued food flake snow bar snowflake white chocolate

The Snowflake was much loved by white chocolate fans (Credit: Cadbury)

Cadbury Snowflake bars were basically Flake bars with added white chocolate, and they were only around for eight years.

With a solid milk choccy shell and a crumbly white chocolate centre, they hit shelves in 2000. They were renamed Flake Snow in 2003, and seemed to be a certified hit.

Despite the fanfare around this chocolate bar, white chocolate often doesn’t stand the test of time (Cadbury Dream, we’re looking at you).

The product was officially pulled from shelves in 2008 and hasn’t reappeared since. Justice for white chocolate fans, everywhere!

Featured image: McDonald’s/ Reddit