Delivery driver refuses to give food to customer unless he tips more

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A DoorDash driver has divided users on social media after she refused to give a customer their food after receiving an $8 (£6) tip.

In a video captured by the customer’s doorbell camera, the annoyed worker asks to speak to him before handing the food delivery over.

The clip sees the driver telling the homeowner that he “must not realise” how far the food had come.

You can watch the interaction below:

In the clip, the driver – based in the US – adds that she drove 40 minutes from the restaurant in Commack to his house in Smithtown, Long Island.

The man disputed the woman’s rant by stating that it is only a 15-20 minute journey by car to his house.

With no hesitation, she demands that the customer increases her tip, stating: “I think you need to adjust your tip to make it right.”

The man was clearly agitated by her outburst and exclaimed: “What the hell are you looking for? I gave an $8 tip.”

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doordash driver refuses tip

The DoorDash driver didn’t want to hand over the food (Credit: Pexels)

This then angers the DoorDash driver more as she grabs the delivery and walks away, telling the man: “I’m gonna bring the food back! I’m gonna bring the food back.”

She is seen picking the food up and walking back down the path towards her vehicle to return the delivery.

The video was posted on YouTube in 2021 and has been viewed more than one million times, with many users sharing their mixed opinions.

Some of the comments slammed the woman for her behaviour, with one person writing: “As a door dash driver, an 8 dollar tip is good money!! I can’t believe she took the food back.”

Another interjected: “This woman has never worked for tips before. Eight dollars is a Home Run.”

A third remarked: “As a Dasher of 4 years, this is the type of delivery person that makes the rest of us look bad. There were times we are lucky to get $8 for a delivery. She should be deactivated!”

Meanwhile, other people on the social media platform defended her right to question the tip, as one user stated: “I agree that $8 was more than enough for her order, but as far as ‘nobody has to tip you for doing your job’,  no. you’re wrong. Doordash pays $3/hour before tips.”

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doordash driver refuses tip

The man refused to tip any more (Credit: Pexels)

“DoorDash drivers live off of tips and if you don’t tip them, they don’t get paid. if you don’t tip me, I’m not accepting the order… it’s the same with restaurant servers. they make less than $3/hr typically and cannot survive without 15-20% in tips,” they added.

Another commented: “The difference is most people in service industry jobs aren’t paying for the vehicle and gas to do the basic job. For this DD lady, a tip is basically whatever is left after covering her actual expenses.”

Lastly, a third person pointed out: “You guys are hilarious. $8 is not a good tip for a delivery driver who has to pay their own gas and maintenance.”

While it hasn’t been disclosed what happened to the woman after the incident, DoorDash did release a statement about the viral video. 

As cited by The Mirror, a spokesperson wrote: “We take the safety of our community extremely seriously, and such inappropriate behaviour is never tolerated on the DoorDash platform.”

“Any behaviour that violates this zero-tolerance policy is grounds for deactivation, and the Dasher involved has been removed from our platform.”

“We have been in touch with the customer to offer support, and sincerely regret that this incident fell short of the experience we strive to provide every day,” they added.