People are making Ferrero Rocher bouquets for Christmas

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If you’re struggling to think of a last minute gift idea to wow that special someone this Christmas, then what could be more perfect than a huge bouquet of… chocolates? 

No, you didn’t misread that. People online are actually creating stunning bunches of ‘flowers’ for their loved ones by using Ferrero Rochers (stick with us on this – it’s not as mad as it sounds). 

Popular in the past on TikTok, the trend is resurfacing just in time for the season of goodwill, and we can’t help but be impressed by some of the stunning creations. 

It seems there are several different techniques to creating the bouquet. User @_evi won the approval of his fans when he attempted to make one of the creations to impress his girlfriend. See below for the clip of his hand-crafted design.


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Using a glue gun, he arranged the outer casings of the hazelnut filled chocolates into a heart shape on a piece of cardboard.

He then stuck the chocolate shape onto a piece of styrofoam, and arranged roses around it so it sat in the centre. 

The video garnered 304.2K likes on the app, and Evi even managed to inspire his followers – as one commented: “Dang bro you just gave me an idea, appreciate you.” 

Others, such as, form the Ferrero Rochers into the perfect bunch by using a skewer to create a lollipop effect.

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You can scroll through way more on TikTok for inspo, but aren’t they just the perfect gift?

Here are a few more of a our faves:


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It’s not the first time online communities have gotten creative when it comes to showing the love in fake-flower form.

Last year, several TikTokers gifted another type of food in bouquet-form – chicken nuggets

That’s right, those crunchy, batter-coated pieces of meat made the perfect present for some – such as TikToker and food blogger Huyen, who goes by @onehungryasiangirl on the app. 

She exclusively told Twisted at the time, “After receiving many Valentine’s Day bouquets from my fiancé over the years, I wanted to think of a fun and creative bouquet that he’d enjoy (or at least make him laugh).”

“All you need is frozen chicken nuggets, bamboo skewers, green filler flowers, flower wrapping paper, string, and ribbon. Toss the nuggets into an air fryer or oven until they’re crispy.

“Let them cool before sticking them onto the skewers. To assemble, bundle up the skewered nuggets with the filler flowers while ensuring that all the nuggets are visible.

“Tie them together with string. Next, wrap them in a few layers of the bouquet paper and tie it all together with a ribbon.”

Frankly, we’ll never be happy with a flower bouquet again…