This clip of Americans trying a chippy tea for the first time is wholesome AF

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Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

We don’t need to tell you how beloved the chippy tea is here in the UK. It was the very first takeaway food option, and to this day, we still consume 382 million meals from fish and chip shops every year.

But believe it or not, the meal isn’t commonly consumed over in the US, as is evidenced by this video of one group of Americans trying the meal for the first time:

Appearing on the Jimbo and Jackie Show on YouTube, the duo filmed themselves and some friends trying fish and chips for the first time during a trip to the UK.

“It’s like Christmas!,” declared one of the diners as they unwrapped the fish and chips from their paper, whilst Jackie asked: “How exactly do you eat this?”

Eating at Birmingham’s family-run chippy, the Egghill Fish Bar, a local named Monica showed the Americans the ropes as they tucked into our delicacy.

“Let’s see these beautiful fish and chips they speak of from the chippy,” Jimbo said as the chips arrived.

fish and chips

The Americans gleefully ate the fish and chips (Credit: YouTube/ Jimbo and Jackie’s Bonus Content)

The duo seemed to find it amusing that all the condiments came in polystyrene cups, cackling as they held them up to the camera. 

Instructing the group on how best to eat fish and chips, Monica advised pouring ketchup, curry sauce and tartar sauce on first, taking a chip and eating it as she gave the demo.

“Heaven!,” said Jimbo after he ate his first bite, adding that the meal was “almost as good as the [British] tea”.

“It’s beyond delicious, you have to get down here to the UK and have the chippys with us,” added Jackie. 

fish and chips

The couple were clearly thrilled with the fish and chips (Credit: YouTube/ Jimbo and Jackie’s Bonus Content)

The video prompted several comments, including a response from a fellow American who wrote: “That looks delicious! We need curry sauce in the USA!”

Of course, given how passionate us UK residents are about fish and chips, there’s no surprise that people had some strong opinions on Monica’s serving suggestion, too.

“Should be fish chips mushy peas…salt and vinegar only with a slice of bread and butter.” said one. “No curry sauce, gravy, ketchup or tartar sauce”.

fish and chips

Fish and chips is undoubtedly one of the UK’s most beloved national dishes (Credit: Alamy)


Meanwhile, another wrote: “None of them put salt on? they drenched it in vinegar, too much IMO but then didn’t put salt on which is the main ingredient!”

“Bloody ketchup on fish n chips no thats a sin lol,” chimed in someone else. 

The truth is that all around the UK, people eat fish and chips totally differently, with various different condiments and sides, so nobody is right or wrong. 

The main thing is that Jimbo and Jackie liked their meal. How wholesome was that video?! We could watch it all day…