Secret reason Five Guys give you so many fries with your order

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We all love a bit of Five Guys, don’t we? The American burger chain is a hit for many reasons – one of which being the hefty mound of fries you get with every order.

Yup, you’ve probably noticed the chain they always adds a topper of fries (which is an extra scoop in the bag) no matter the size of your order…and we’re certainly not mad at it.

But why are Five Guys always so generous when it comes to the side?

It turns out there’s a pretty clever reason…

five guys fries

Five Guys never scrimp on the fries (Credit: Alamy)

Yup, according to Mashed, giving customers a sea of fries is actually a clever marketing ploy.

The publication claims it is basically a way to ensure they feel satisfied with the food they’ve been given, and overall feeling like they’ve got their money’s worth.

In reality, the hefty portion of fries is actually incorporated into the overall menu pricing, so we think we’re getting a bargain even though we are actually paying for it. Cheeky, eh?

Five Guys founder Jerry Murrell has also talked about adding extra fries to people’s bags before, explaining: “People complain that they get too many fries. I just tell them to make hash browns with the leftovers.

“I teach my managers that if people aren’t complaining, then you’re not giving them enough.”

Chad Murrell, who is founder Jerry’s son, added: “I won’t name names, but other restaurants just don’t give a satisfying amount of fries.

“We always give an extra scoop. I say load ‘em up and make sure they get their money’s worth.”

The fries aren’t the only example of this strategy on the Five Guys menu.

The chain also gives customers the chance to customise their orders with as many as 15 free toppings, including mushrooms, lettuce, tomato and pickles.

five guys why so many fries

You can customise your burgers with loads of toppings, too (Credit: Alamy)

In total, Five Guys promises as many as 250,000 possible food combinations that people can get creative and choose from.

“If you had one a day, it would take you 684 years to try them all!,” the chain’s website reads.

Ah, Five Guys. You’re clever, but we wouldn’t change a thing.