Glastonbury festival drinks prices revealed and people have a lot of thoughts

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glastonbury festival 2024 drink prices

Glastonbury Festival's drink prices have been revealed ahead of its doors opening, and people are divided.

Yup, the doors of the 2024 festival are just about to open, and whilst sharing a glimpse of the grounds is strictly prohibited, there has been a leak of one of the bar menus.

Shared over on Twitter (now known as X), the Village Inn menu is now doing the rounds, and people can't decide what to make of the drink prices.

Glastonbury is known for keeping its drink prices to a fair level compared to other festivals, but despite this, drink prices can sometimes make you wince.

According to this menu, a pilsner on tap will set you back £6.75, which is 25p more than last year's prices.

A bottle of wine will set you back a minimum of £30, which is slightly more painful. However, this is only a quid up from last year.

White Claw seltzers will set you back seven quid, while cocktails start at £9.50.

As for spirit and mixers, you're looking to fork out £7.75, and water... yes, water, costs £2.50 for a can.

Drinks at Glastonbury do need budgeting for (Credit: Getty)

You should remember that these are just the prices at one bar in the festival, and they will vary.

However, it's a good indicator of how much you'll be forking out this year.

"£2.50 for a can of water is criminal," said one person in the comments.

While another wrote: "*Sticks two more bags of wine into the Glasto bag.*"

"And I thought I’d splashed out stocking up on M&S cocktail cans - turns out to be the budget option!!," said someone else.

Others were more favourable about the drink menu, though.

"It’s still cheaper than most bars in London to be fair and cheaper than all stadiums," said one, in defence.

As another noted: "Not bad on the price Increase from last year. I think they've kept it reasonable."

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