TV star in tears after diners shame son’s ‘horrendous tantrum’ at restaurant

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A UK TV star has garnered support online after revealing fellow diners brought her to tears by mum-shaming her over her son’s disruptive behaviour in a restaurant.

Soap actress, Helen Flanagan, was out for a meal on holiday with her family, when her two-year-old son, Charlie, had a “horrendous tantrum.”

“I cannot tell you how horrendous Charlie’s tantrums have been. I mean I’ve got two children and I know what babies can be like and the tantrums and stuff but when I’m saying he screamed the restaurant down yesterday. He just screamed and screamed,” she told her fans.

helen flanagan mum shamed son crying restaurant

Helen Flanagan’s son had a tantrum in the restaurant (Credit: Instagram/ Helen Flanagan)

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“There was no consoling him at all he literally just screamed the whole restaurant down.

“It was a really, really, really busy restaurant [and] I could feel there was a table, just sensed it… I don’t think they were being that nice about my parenting, even though I was really trying my best.”

Helen was also abroad with her two other children, Delilah, four, and Matilda, seven.

She went on to explain that she was approached by a “really nice” woman who offered her a hug after the ordeal.

helen flanagan mum shamed son crying restaurant

Noisy kids in restaurants can often prompt mum shaming (Credit: Alamy)

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Helen’s Instagram post comes as there has been a lot of conversation about noisy kids in restaurants recently, following one restaurant’s decision to introduce a surcharge to penalise those who cause too much disruption.

Yup, you might remember we told you about a restaurant in Singapore that was charging families extra for bringing “screaming children” onto the premises.

Following that, a British market research website did some digging into what people thought of the move.

It turns out that as many as 47 percent of the British public agree with the restaurant’s decision to charge parents for making a noise, with 21 percent strongly supporting the move, whilst 26 percent said they tended to support it.

Interestingly, it was predominantly men that supported the charge, and over 65s were the strongest supporters over any other age group. You can read more about those stats here.