Hell’s Kitchen season 19 is here – let’s meet the chefs

16 Jan 2021



Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

If anything’s going to improve a pretty miserable winter it’s the arrival of Hell’s Kitchen season 19.

The Gordon Ramsay-led reality TV behemoth is back for another series in an all-new Las Vegas edition.

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But who exactly is cooking up a storm in 2021? Let’s meet the contestants.

Gordon Ramsay Hell's Kitchen (Credit: Fox) Gordon Ramsay is back for Hell’s Kitchen season 19 (Credit: Fox)

Who are the Hell’s Kitchen season 19 chefs?

Every series of Hell’s Kitchen sees contestants from across America compete for Chef Ramsay’s approval. Season 19 is no different.

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Featuring talent from throughout the country, this latest line-up looks set to be a barnstormer.

Here’s hoping they remain as committed to cooking after what promises to be a pretty harrowing experience.

Red Team

Amber Lancaster

Educated at Le Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts in Paris, Amber Lancaster cites beloved chef Julia Childs as her major influence.

Whether her training pedigree is enough to achieve victory, however, time will tell.

Amber Lancaster Hell's Kitchen Amber Lancaster Hell’s Kitchen (Credit: Michael Becker/Fox)

Brittani Ratcliffe

The Kentucky-born Sous Chef is an alumnus of Morehead State University and works for the Aramark food services company.

In addition to honing her skills, Ratcliffe has spent the pandemic “sponsoring a local family in need”, according to her Instagram account.

Brittani Ratcliffe Hell's Kitchen Brittani Ratcliffe Hell’s Kitchen (Credit: Michael Becker/Fox)

Fabiola Fuentes

32-year-old Californian Fabiola Fuentes is one of the least senior chefs competing in Hell’s Kitchen season 19.

Beyond the kitchen, the line cook also has a passion for photography – evidenced by her distinctly un-food-ified social media channels.

Fabiola Fuentes Hell's Kitchen Fabiola Fuentes Hell’s Kitchen (Credit: Michael Becker/Fox)

Jordan Savell

Texas-born Jordan Savell is a veteran of the Lone Star State restaurant scene. In an interview with Fort Worth Magazine, the 29-year-old described her experiences at both The Oceanaire and Chamberlain’s Steak and Chop House in Dallas.

She also added that, had it been up to her, she would have become a chef straight out of highschool. Clearly, the executive chef is extremely passionate about what she does.

Jordan Savell Hell's Kitchen Jordan Savell Hell’s Kitchen (Credit: Michael Becker/Fox)

Kori Sutton

Los Angeles native Kori Sutton is no stranger to TV cookery. In fact, Sutton has appeared on both Food Network’s Cutthroat Kitchen and Bravo’s Top Chef México.

Whether these forays onto the small screen give her the edge, however, remains to be seen.

Kori Sutton Hell's Kitchen Kori Sutton Hell’s Kitchen (Credit: Michael Becker/Fox)

Lauren Lawless

Another veteran of food reality TV, the 30-year-old San Diego chef also goes by the moniker “Flawless Lawless”.

In previous years, Lawless has competed in and won Food Network’s Supermarket Stakeout Season 2, as well as made appearances on the Travel Channel.

Lauren Lawless Hell's Kitchen Lauren Lawless Hell’s Kitchen (Credit: Michael Becker/Fox)

Mary Lou Davis

Another talented Texan, 28-year-old Mary Lou Davis is a graduate of the Culinary Institute in America.

A self-described “loud ball of energy”, according to recent Instagram activity, Davis is also the Chef Partner at Whisky Cake Kitchen & Bar in San Antonio.

Mary Lou Davis Hell's Kitchen season 19 Mary Lou Davis Hell’s Kitchen (Credit: Michael Becker/Fox)

Nicole Hanna

Despite being one of the youngest contestants in the competition, Nicole Hanna certainly doesn’t lack ambition.

In addition to her work as a line cook, the 25-year-old is also the CEO of Yellow Jacket Chefwear. Making clothing exclusively for female cooks, the business is something of a passion project for the multifaceted Hanna.

Nicole Hanna Hell's Kitchen Nicole Hanna Hell’s Kitchen (Credit: Michael Becker/Fox)

Syann Williams

Another relatively young competitor, 26-year-old Williams is a graduate of the Art Institute of Atlanta.

The Atlanta local has also cited her grandfather’s cooking as her main source of culinary inspiration.

Syann Williams Hell's Kitchen season 19 Syann Williams Hell’s Kitchen season 19 (Credit: Michael Becker/Fox)

Blue Team

Adam Pawlak

Milwaukee-born Pawlak is already well-established in the food industry.

Pawlak is currently the Chef-Owner of several successful Italian restaurants, with his Egg & Flour pasta brand particularly successful.

Adam Pawlak Hell's Kitchen season 19 Adam Pawlak Hell’s Kitchen (Credit: Michael Becker/Fox)

Cody Candelario

Despite appearing on the show at the tender age of 26, Californian cook Cody Candelario has already racked up 12 years cooking experience.

Over the course of his career, Candelario has also so suffered from a mysterious illness, leading him to lose most of his sense of smell. The fact that he can compete while overcoming this obstacle is all the more impressive.

Cody Candelario Hell's Kitchen Cody Candelario Hell’s Kitchen (Credit: Michael Becker/Fox)

Declan Horgan

The oldest of this season’s Hell’s Kitchen contestants at the age of 42, Declan Horgan certainly has plenty of experience.

Born in Ireland, Horgan made the switch to Washington four years ago. Boasting 25 years in the kitchen, he shouldn’t lack for preparation.

Declan Horgan Hell's Kitchen Declan Horgan Hell’s Kitchen (Credit: Michael Becker/Fox)

Drew Tingley

A line cook with 15 years experience, Pennsylvania-based Tingley didn’t actually plan to appear on the show.

According to a report by PennLive, the 30-year-old decided to apply on the spur of the moment. Whether this spontaneity proves to be a help or a hindrance remains to be seen.

Drew Tingley Hell's Kitchen Drew Tingley Hell’s Kitchen (Credit: Michael Becker/Fox)

Eliott Sanchez

As the youngest cook in the competition, 23-year-old Eliott Sanchez certainly has a lot to prove.

In addition to his cooking, Sanchez’ Instagram suggests a real passion for fishing. With that combination of skills, at least he will never go hungry.

Eliott Sanchez Hell's Kitchen Eliott Sanchez Hell’s Kitchen (Credit: Michael Becker/Fox)

Josh Oakley

Despite his relative youth, Josh Oakley has already accrued extensive international experience. After starting his career in Arizona, Oakley went on to study at the Gastronomicom Cooking School of Agde in France.

He has since been working as a talented sous chef at one of Denver’s first farm-to-table restaurants.

Josh Oakley Hell's Kitchen Josh Oakley Hell’s Kitchen (Credit: Michael Becker/Fox)

Kenneth McDuffie

Maybe more than any of the other contestants, cook Kenneth McDuffie has extra reason to be motivated.

The 35-year-old private chef actually tried to apply for the show six years ago, but his application was rejected. Finger’s crossed that the wait has been worth it.

Kenneth McDuffie Hell's Kitchen season 19 Kenneth McDuffie Hell’s Kitchen season 19 (Credit: Fox)

Marc Quinones

As a relative elder statesman in this year’s competition, Marc Quinones has many years of experience to draw on.

The 37-year-old has even appeared on other cooking shows, including Chopped and Cutthroat Kitchen. With this CV, he may be one to watch.

Marc Quinones Hell's Kitchen Marc Quinones Hell’s Kitchen (Credit: Michael Becker/Fox)

Peter Martinez

38-year-old Martinez has worked his way up from the bottom of the hospitality ladder.

Starting off stacking shelves in Whole Foods before eventually finding work in local kitchens, the New Jersey-based sous chef certainly has experience at every level of the industry.

Peter Martinez Hell's Kitchen Peter Martinez Hell’s Kitchen (Credit: Michael Becker/Fox)

Where can I watch Hell’s Kitchen season 19?

The new series debuted on January 7th, and is available to watch on Fox.


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