Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

Woman shares recipe to make Baileys at home


Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

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Baileys is usually cracked out around Christmas time, but let’s be honest, it’s great all year round.

The brand that is self-dubbed “the original Irish cream” hits the spot after a meal and does wonders when mixed with hot chocolate.

Despite deals for the popular drink existing all year round, many might not think to stock up when it’s not winter. 

But if you find your cupboards are bare and your local shop isn’t selling, then fear not! 

It turns out that people on the internet have started to knock up their own, and it looks pretty darn tasty.

Ever wish you could make your own Baileys? (Credit: Alamy)

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One woman in particular shared her recipe online, telling people that it couldn’t be easier to recreate the beloved flavours.

The woman shared her thrifty recipe on Facebook, where she claimed that she could make two litres of the booze for $35 (£29.05), as per the Daily Mail

Whilst Baileys can be grabbed at a bargain over in the UK, with prices as low as £9.99, in the States it can sometimes be pricier, with official prices starting at $30 (£24.89).

Therefore knocking up her own proved very cost effective.

Baileys is for life, not just for Christmas. (Credit: Medicimage Education / Alamy)

Traditionally, Baileys is made with Irish whiskey, fresh dairy cream, sugar and cocoa, and vanilla flavourings.

The mother began by adding two tins of carnation milk, one tin of condensed milk, two cups of strong black coffee, and one teaspoon of vanilla essence to a two-litre jug.

She then added three heaped tablespoons of instant malt chocolate drinking powder to hot water and added it to the mixture.

She finished off by stating that any dark rum would do, such as rum or bourbon, but making your own “home brew” would be more cost-effective.

Once everything is together in the jug, it’s placed in the fridge and ready for everyone to enjoy.

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Anyone for a Baileys hot chocolate? (Credit: Baileys)

The woman claimed that brewing her own Baileys is saving her a pretty penny as supposed to if she was buying it in a store.

Speaking of Baileys, it turns out that you shouldn’t be pouring it down the sink if you have any left in the bottle (which seems like a rare situation).

Adding to the list of oil and lard, Baileys can clog up drains which can result in a big unwanted mess.

Alex Saunders, head of Southern Water told the Telegraph: “Something like Baileys, which has a cream content could add to problems. No one likes a nasty surprise over the festive season and a blocked drain is no different.”

So let’s all play it safer than sorry and make sure we drink every last drop instead… deal?

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