Kim Kardashian is being roasted again for a Beyond Meat ad

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Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

If there’s one thing the Kardashians should have learnt by now, it’s that nobody believes they actually cook themselves dinner. 

We’re not judging them – after all, they’re hugely successful – but they lost us when Kendall Jenner failed so spectacularly to chop a cucumber, and you only have to watch The Kardashians to know they have a full team of house-staff on hand to tend to their every need. 

Despite all this, Kim Kardashian still decided to do another advert with vegan food brand, Beyond Meat, in which she claimed she regularly made their chick’n nuggets as a “go to for a quick meal” for her kids. 

Sure you do, Kim. Sure. 

Watch the clip below: 

The clip sees Kim preparing the plant-based nuggets in an air-fryer, telling viewers (in a not at all scripted scene) that you can create a delicious meal in only ten minutes. 

But it’s fair to say the majority of her followers weren’t buying that she had ever laid a finger in her pristine kitchen, either. 

“You should decline offers like this is absolutely laughable… you guys cant even cut veggies lol,” said one. 

Whilst another simply wrote: “We don’t believe you, Kim”.

“I think Beyond Meat should have paid someone who actually cooks… or should have recruited Kim’s chefs for the advert,” said a third. 

As a fourth wrote: “Kim… I like you very much, but you have a chef just for you, c’mon”.

kim kardashian beyond meat advert

Does anyone believe that Kim makes her kids vegan nuggets for dinner? (Credit: Beyond Meat)

There were plenty more unconvinced messages from fans, with one echoing: “You really expect us to believe you cook?”

Now, don’t get us wrong, we’re not arguing that Kim has never used an air-fryer. In fact, it’s quite probable she’s popped it on once or twice to make North a quick bite, but she lost us when she claimed she needed the plant-based frozen food for her kids’ dinner, and cited the fact she was a “busy mum”. 

We all know you have a nanny, Kimberly! 

kim kardashian beyond meat ad

Kim has already been roasted for one Beyond Meat ad (Credit: Beyond Meat)

The clip came just months after Kim’s first Beyond Meat ad, for which she also got trolled for failing to actually eat the food she was promoting. 

Some might argue the Kardashians get a hard time of it, but you can’t argue they sometimes don’t help themselves…