This guy is eating nothing but McDonald’s every day to ‘lose weight’

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We’ve heard about some bizarre diets in our time, but what if we told you that one guy hopes to lose weight by eating three McDonald’s meals a day?!

Yep, you read that correctly. 

Listen, we’re never going to judge anybody’s McDonald’s habits as ardent fans ourselves, but we can’t pretend we didn’t raise an eyebrow at this one.

mcdonalds man lose weight tiktok

This guy has invented a Big Mac diet (Credit: TikTok)

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TikToker Kevin Maginnis, 56, is claiming he’s going to go “from French fries to fit guy” by eating nothing but McDonald’s for three meals a day. He’s set himself a challenge to do it for 100 days, and is confident his health will improve.

Errr, we’re not sure that’s how a diet works, Kevin!

The Nashville local has been documenting his journey on TikTok, under the username @bigmaccoaching. 

You might be wondering the logic in this. Well, Kevin is trying to prove that whatever you eat, you’ll lose weight if you moderate your portion size.

“I’m going to eat nothing but McDonald’s for the next 100 days, but instead of eating everything they give me, I’m going to go ahead and cut the meals in half just to prove to myself and maybe some of the other people watching that it’s not as much what you’re eating, it’s the quantity that we’re eating that really jacks us up,” he said.


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As you’d expect followers were quick to pick him up on the potential food waste, but he went on to assure them he was always giving the other half to somebody else rather than binning it. 

Instead of a sugary fizzy drink, the TikToker picks a bottle of water with every meal – all about the balance, ey? 

As interest around Kevin’s diet spread, he was even called to appear on the TODAY show where he gushed to hosts Cason Daly and Sheinelle Jones that his Maccies diet was “absolutely working.”

Watch a snippet from the interview below: 

“My belief is [I’ll] be down 50 pounds by the end, my health will be better, my bloodwork will be better. And if you don’t believe me, follow along,” he said.

Before starting the challenge, the TikTok star got blood tests and was concerned to find the results were “going in the wrong direction.” He also wasn’t happy with his weight, branding it “absolutely unacceptable.”

Kevin’s diet is grounded in the belief that if you eat in a calorie deficit you’ll lose weight.

“The idea of restricting calories, anytime I’ve lost weight in my life has always been [tied to that method]. I actually was a wrestler, I boxed in the military. So there [are] times you have to make weight and you cut calories,” he explained.

“Because I’m big [and] my name is Maginnis, so the nickname Big Mac has been thrown out at times. I figured, ‘Why not embrace it?’ And I like McDonald’s…”

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mcdonalds weight loss diet tiktok

We love a Maccies… but for weight loss? (Credit: Alamy)

It goes without saying that calorie deficit or not, eating McDonald’s (or any fast food) every single day for 100 days is not a healthy lifestyle choice.

“Let’s remember that health isn’t just about the number on the scale. It’s also about cardiovascular health and other measures,” dietitian Frances Largeman-Roth told TODAY.

“It’s not so much that you’re only eating burgers and fries. It’s about what you’re not eating for 100 days — fiber-rich fruits, veggies, whole grains, nuts and seeds.

“Including 25 to 30 grams of fiber daily, including legumes, nuts and seeds, fruits and vegetables and fatty fish in one’s eating plan all contribute to longevity.”

Enjoy a Big Mac as you please, but let’s not pretend it’s a diet.

As much as we love McDonald’s, you’d be kidding yourself to assume you’re getting all the nutrients you need eating solely Big Macs and Egg McMuffins for 100 days. As always, friends, balance is key.