People are losing their minds at the size of McDonald’s sharing fries in Poland

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Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

One of our guilty pleasures is perusing the menus of McDonald’s branches around the world.

From a pork samurai burger in Thailand to a panko coated salmon burger in Japan, the eclectic variety of dishes tailored to suit different palates globally really is pretty fascinating, and it’s bound to make you jealous and hungry in equal measure.

But it’s not just the dishes themselves that vary on Maccies menus around the globe, it’s also portion sizes.

And let’s just say avid McDonald’s fans are a little jealous of what’s on offer at the Golden Arches over in Poland?

Watch this video to see what we’re on about:

McDonald’s Fries Biggest Portion EVER! #McDonalds #fyp #Poland #FastFood #fries

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Yep, that’s right. Did you know that in the Polish McDonald’s you can order a gigantic sharing portion of chips? Sod a large portion, this is even bigger.

The exciting discovery came to light after a video was shared online by TikToker

Sharing the news on his page, the food influencer gushed: “McDonald’s Fries Biggest Portion EVER!”

In the clip, the food reviewer holds up a box of chips, which are in a container almost as big as his head, and says: “I’m in Poland at the moment where I think this might be the biggest portion of McDonald’s fries in the world.


The TikToker shared a clip of sharing fries from McDonald’s Poland (Credit: TikTok/

“This is just their medium as well… no, I’m kidding, it’s actually a new portion size for them called sharing size.

“Just look at it, it’s wonderful!”

It sure is. 

It turns out it’s not just us who are excited about the whopping chip size, as 2.5 million people have since watched the clip, and it has received 239,500 likes.

mcdonalds poland sharing fries

The McDonald’s sharing fries as they appear online (Credit: McDonald’s Poland)

“My toxic trait is that I absolutely would not share,” said one person in the comments.

Whilst another wrote: “Get me to Poland NOW”.

“I’d nail 2 share portions,” joked a third.

As a fourth chipped in: “I’m in Poland and am polish and [they’re] huge! Your stomach hurts after…”

We don’t know about you, but that’s a risk we’re more than willing to take…

The new fries are described on McDonald’s Poland’s menu as coming “in a special, larger package that makes sharing with loved ones easier than ever.”

The new fries are described on McDonald’s Poland’s menu as coming “in a special, larger package that makes sharing with loved ones easier than ever…”

Twisted has asked Maccies reps if there is any chance they’ll be bringing the sharing portion over to the UK, and we’ll let you know as soon as we hear back.

In the meantime, it looks like we’ll have to make a trip to Poland if we want to enjoy a bag of chips that big (or, you know, just order two large portions…. which would be significantly cheaper.)