Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

People can’t get over the price of McDonald’s food in 1974


Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

Article by Joanna Sarah-Freedman

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McDonald’s has never broken the bank, but if you wanna feel bad about the cost of your Big Mac today, then keep reading.

A picture of an old menu from Maccies  has resurfaced – believed to be from the States in 1974 – and it boasts the likes of a Quarter Pounder for 60 cents, a Fillet-O-Fish for 48 cents, as well as plenty more items that appear eye-wateringly cheap, too.

The menu was shared on Twitter and has also found its way onto various forums like Reddit – and it’s safe to say it has got people talking.

French Fries cost 15 cents on the menu, a Cheeseburger cost 33 cents and a Big Mac cost 65 cents.

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Of course, all of these prices are relative to inflation, and to give you some context, a dollar in 1974 would be worth $6.60 (£5.47) today.

However, people still couldn’t wrap their heads around the prices when they came across the menu on social media.

One Twitter user worked out there had been the price of the Big Mac had faced 786 percent inflation when comparing it to the average price in California ($5.11.)

Whilst another wrote: “Why does this feel so unreal??? Like this wasn’t that long ago….”

“Awe yes, I remember getting fries and a coke and getting change back!,” said somebody else.

As a fellow Twitter user joked: “Ok but did they have the Offset and Cardi B meal?”.

This isn’t the first time old McDonald’s menus have resurfaced and left people a little (read a lot) mind-blown.

mcdonalds prices 1974

A McDonald’s UK menu from back in the 1970s (Credit: McDonald’s)

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A London’s Woolwich menu, also from 1974, showed that Hamburgers were 15p, Cheeseburgers cost 21p and a Quarter Pounder would have cost 40p (with the option to add cheese for an extra 8p).

This branch was from the first ever UK Maccies, in south east London, and also sold a a McMariner (now known as a Fillet-O-Fish) for 30p, and a value meal (then known as United Tastes of America), featuring a Hamburger, French Fries and milkshake, cost 48p.

Oh, and if you fancied an Apple Pie, too, that would set you back 15p.

At the time, the average weekly wage was £40, so the food was very much an affordable, even when you consider the value of such prices at the time.

It comes as McDonald’s recently announced it was upping the price of five popular items including the Triple Cheeseburger and the Bacon Mayo Chicken burger due to the cost of living crisis and inflation. 

You can read more about that here. 

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