Everyone’s making same joke about Morrisons’ blonde chocolate Easter egg

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Morrisons’ latest Easter egg offering has set the internet ablaze, but not for the reason you might expect.

ICYMI, the supermarket has brought out a Belgian White and Blonde Chocolate Easter egg this year – however, it’s not the taste of the product that has got people talking.

Erm, tell us this doesn’t look exactly like a potato?!

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The product was shared online by food blogger, @KevsSnackReviews, who noted that the majority of the comments they received was about its similarity to the root vegetable.

“It does look like a huge baked potato!,” they agreed.

“Thankfully it tastes a bit more exciting, it’s white chocolate marbled with blonde chocolate and filled with crispy biscuit pieces that add a lovely crunch.”

The food blog added that there’s a “nice caramel flavour to the chocolate” too, branding it a “fun Easter egg… if you can get over the potato-like appearance!”

Reacting to the video, one person joked: “Good way to trick the kids so I can have some chocolate alone lol.”

morrisons white and blonde chocolate easter egg potato

Morrisons’ Blonde Chocolate Easter egg has got people talking (Credit: Morrisons)

Meanwhile, another wrote: “Hahah it does [look like a potato]. Waiting to find out it’s full of tuna mayo…”

“[As] soon as I saw this I thought it was a massive potato,” penned somebody else.

As a fourth chimed in: “Chocolate potato! This is not a drill”.

The speckled exterior of the 240g Easter egg is actually due to the marbled white and blonde chocolate bring speckled with biscuit pieces, but we can understand why some people may have become a little confused.

However, it appears the aesthetic hasn’t put people off, seeing as the £6 product is currently sold out on the Morrisons website.

The Easter egg is part of Morrisons’ The Best range, and may still be in your local branch.

You can find your nearest Morrisons here.

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what is blonde chocolate

Blonde chocolate is the hottest new trend (Credit: Alamy)

In case you aren’t familiar with blonde chocolate, it’s basically white chocolate cooked at a lower temperature and for a longer period of time.

This cooking method results in the Maillard reaction – a chemical reaction that takes place between sugars and amino acids.

Whilst people often describe blonde chocolate as caramelised, it’s not *just* caramelised.

Although both are non-enzymatic browning techniques, the Maillard reaction differs from caramelisation because it manipulates the flavour of the amino acids in the milk as well as the sugar.

Also known as the browning reaction, this gives a distinctive toasty caramelised flavour and creates the beige colour that the chocolate is famous for.

Intrigued? You can learn more about blonde chocolate here, and find a bunch more products featuring the new ingredient.