If you liked ‘Is It Cake?’ you need to watch equally bonkers Netflix show ‘Nailed It!’

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Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

It was only a matter of weeks ago that we were all transfixed by Netflix’s Is It Cake? – an utterly bonkers show in which guest judges were tasked with guessing if household objects were indeed what they appeared, or (you guessed it)… cake.

Based on a popular meme, the show was ridiculous in concept and yet completely addictive, and when it first dropped, it took viewers no time at all to binge the lot.

If you are one of those people, you probably have a big cake shaped hole in your life right now. You need some silliness; another baking show that doesn’t take itself too seriously.

Well, fear not. We have you covered. Enter Nailed It!. 

Now, Nailed It! isn’t a new baking show, but if you haven’t got round to watching it yet then we think it would be the perfect replacement for the Mikey Day hosted show.

Like Is It Cake?, there are plenty of desserts that don’t look like cakes – the difference is, in Nailed It! this is just because the bakers knocking them up are so terrible.

Literally, imagine Bake Off, but all the contestants can’t bake to save their lives.

Don’t believe us? Check out some of their creations below:

Um… we have no words (Credit: Netflix)

nailed it!

Donald… who now?
(Credit: Netflix)

We’ve never seen a dinosaur like this before (Credit: Netflix)

nailed it! netflix

Is Jaws okay? (Credit: Netflix)

The concept is this. Three amateur bakers compete to throw together a series of complex cakes and confectionery recipes, in the hopes of winning $10,000 (£7,600) in cash, and the coveted Nailed It! gong.

Judged and hosted by Nicole Byer and Jacques Torres, the show just gets sillier from there. There are high profile celeb guest judges and quirky features like a distraction button, which can be used to call on Nicole to get in the way of the other bakers while they’re working on their challenges.

The Emmy nominated US series first aired in 2018, but it didn’t land on UK Netflix for another two years, so it’s still relatively new to us over here.

And it couldn’t be a better binge watch, if you ask us. Who doesn’t love to watch others catastrophically mess up a sponge cake, in order to feel better about their own inferior baking skills?!

Afterwards, judges examine the awful bakes (Credit: Netflix)

In the same way as Is It Cake?, Nailed It! taps into zeitgeist trends, as bakers are tasked with recreating cakes they’ve seen on the internet.

They take part in two challenges over a 35-minute episode. In the first ‘Bakers Choice’, they try to recreate a popular confectionary treat, whilst the second, ‘Nail It or Fail It’, sees them knock up a complicated viral cake from scratch.

The series may have only been around three years, but it’s already got six seasons and two holiday specials, which is testament to its success.

In fact, it might even have birthed a new genre of cooking show, which made way for Is It Cake? –  the kind so stupid that it’s actually brilliant.

is it cake netflix

Nailed It! walked so Is It Cake? could run (Credit: Netflix)

To give you an idea of the response online, upon watching the show, one viewer tweeted: “I find Nailed It! On Netflix to be really soothing cuz it’s so ridiculous”.

Whilst another wrote: “Im currently obsessed with the Netflix show Nailed It! and I wanna know if it’s really that difficult to make those amazing cakes. so I will try to make a cake that looks like a racoon tomorrow haha”.

Referencing Is It Cake, a new Nailed It! convert wrote: “Highly recommend watching Is It Cake? And then Nailed It! on @netflix. Somehow Nailed It! is even more ridiculous and hilarious after watching the precision and intensity of Is It Cake. Perfection.”

You can watch all six seasons and two holiday specials on Netflix now.