This Yorkshire chippy serves a 2KG battered pig in blanket

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Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

It’s two weeks until Christmas, and we thought we’d seen just about every iteration of a pig in blanket you could get by now. We’ve come across spicy ones, extra-long ones and even one that came stuffed in a giant Yorkshire pudding

But we might have just discovered our favourite version ever. Chippies have started to batter the piggy little delicacy, and the result is about as indulgent as can be.

We’ve seen battered pigs in blankets cropping up all over the country over the last couple of years, in the run up to Christmas, but the most impressive comes from Yorkshire chippy, Papa’s Fish and Chips.

They claim to boast the biggest battered pig in blanket in the UK. In fact, their ‘hog in a duvet’ weighs in at a whopping 2kg.

Check it out for yourselves: 


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How to make battered pigs in blankets

The humungous pig in blanket is made by wrapping bacon around a two foot pork sausage so that it’s completely covered.

Then, the chippy coats the snack in their top secret batter mix and fries until golden.

(You’ll note, in the video above, that they need two spatulas to retrieve it from the oil, which gives you a good idea of just how hefty it is.

Papa’s Fish and Chips’ battered pig in blanket

Papa’s has ten branches in total, situated across Yorkshire and Lincolnshire in the north of the UK. The battered pig in blanket was first launched by the chippy back in 2019, and is now bigger and better than ever.

It is set to cost you £9.99 alongside chips and gravy, which we think you’ll agree is well worth it for two whole kilograms of battered meat.

But the fun doesn’t stop there, either, as Papa’s has also launched a Christmas menu, featuring the likes of a Chip Shop Christmas Dinner, which includes the pig in blanket, battered Brussels sprouts, a sage and onion stuffing pattie, chips with gravy.

This rather epic feast will set you back £11.99, and is guaranteed to leave you full until Christmas Day.

A £12.99 festive fish & chips platter is also available, which includes a small battered haddock and chips, the pig in blanket and battered Brussels sprouts.

If that wasn’t enough festive food for you, why not wash everything down with a fried brie wedge? The fun really doesn’t stop. You can check out their full menu here.

papas fish and chips

Papa’s Fish and Chips has branches around Yorkshire and Lancashire (Credit: Instagram)

This isn’t the first time Papa’s has caused a stir with their deep fat fryer. At Easter, they were the talk of the internet after they decided to batter an Easter egg over on TikTok.

You can check out the end result over on their page.

In the meantime, we’re off to buy their hog in a duvet. It would be rude not to, right?