We tried Pedro Pascal’s ‘chaotic’ Starbucks order

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ICYMI, Pedro Pascal’s Starbucks order is literally breaking social media right now.

Yup, it should come as no surprise, seeing as pretty much everything to do with The Last Of Us is trending at the moment… but this isn’t just people making something out of nothing.

Oh, no. Pedro Pascal’s Starbucks drink of choice really is something to behold – in fact, people are even calling it ‘chaotic’ and ‘violent’.

Intrigued about all the commotion, we decided to sample the internet Daddy’s favourite coffee order for ourselves, and let’s just say we’re still buzzing several hours later.

pedro pascal starbucks order

Pedro can handle his caffeine (Credit: Alamy)

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What is Pedro Pascal’s Starbucks order? 

Pedro Pascal’s Starbucks order isn’t for the faint-hearted. The Mandalorian star opts for a Venti Iced Quad Espresso with two extra shots of coffee and extra ice.

That’s six shots of espresso in total. Hold on to your hats, people!

The order was leaked after Pedro was snapped clutching a Starbucks drink in a TikTok. The person who posted it, named @alexafromspace, went on to zoom in on his cup so they could see what coffee he was sipping on.

Ah, super fans…they don’t miss a trick, do they?


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“Daddy needs his coffee every morning to carry the entire world and a fandom over his shoulders,” they joked (although, really – let’s be honest – they’re right).

As you can imagine, a rather manic reaction then ensued.

The reaction to Pedro Pascal’s Starbucks order

After spotting Pedro’s coffee order online, many of his fans were baffled and… well, somewhat alarmed. 

“As a barista I feel like my work would make me sign a legal waiver before handing Pedro Pascal his Starbucks order,” teased one. 

Whilst another wrote: “Seeing Pedro Pascal’s Starbucks order makes me feel better about my own caffeine intake.”

“This is chaotic but somehow exactly what I figured he’d order,” chimed in somebody else (which is fair. If we were battling zombies day and night we’d probably dose up pretty heavily on caffeine, too). 

Meanwhile, a fellow fan noted: “That is a violent amount of coffee.”

Of course, for all those who were taken aback by the Narcos favourite’s order, there were those who knocked similar back on the ‘reg. Coffee addicts, where you at?

“People out here concerned about Pedro Pascal ordering 6 shots of espresso from Starbucks when I regularly order 8+ in one drink (sic),” someone else wrote.

With all the furore, we thought it was only right to try the drink for ourselves, so we sent Twisted‘s senior writer, Joanna, to do just that.

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Here’s her verdict: 

Trying Pedro Pascal’s Starbucks order

I should start by saying Pedro Pascal’s Starbucks order is a far cry from my own – I’m a vanilla latte girl through and through.

In fact, I dose my coffee up with so much milk and sugar that you can barely taste the stuff. Pedro, on the other hand, goes for an iced drink that’s as caffeinated as they come. He doesn’t bother with the frills. He’s after pure, un-tampered-with coffee. 

I entered my local Starbucks with a hint of trepidation.

“I’ll take a Quad Espresso with two extra shots and some ice,” I said awkwardly, reading the order from my phone screen.

“So, six shots?,” the barista replied a little hesitantly. To be honest, I’m surprised I was the first to order it after all the excitement on TikTok.

pedro pascal starbucks order

Behold…Pedro Pascal’s Starbucks order (Credit: Joanna Freedman)

After confirming that I did indeed want six espresso shots, (and that, yes, I was quite sure) it was time to taste Pedro Pascal’s Starbucks drink.

Was I about to overdose on espresso? By anybody’s standards The Last Of Us star drinks a rather manic amount.

To my own surprise, what followed wasn’t actually as awful as I was expecting.

It goes without saying that if you’re used to a sweet coffee, like me, you’ll probably still prefer your usual order, but Pedro’s drink was inoffensive. It just tasted like a very strong coffee, and kind of made my brain tingle.

Yup, there was no denying the caffeine content was intense, but this wasn’t a drink to down…it was one to sip on slowly. Plus, the extra ice quickly melted which made the taste less overwhelming (great shout, thanks Pedro).

Would I buy Pedro Pascal’s Starbucks order again? Honestly, no. I’d be lying if I said the energy boost that followed didn’t verge on making me jittery – but then I’m not a coffee fanatic.

Those who are accustomed to a highly caffeinated drink might very well be fine with this order (just make sure you eat something and knock back a few glasses of water, too).

pedro pascal starbucks order

Joanna tested the Starbucks order (Credit: Joanna Freedman)

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Is Pedro Pascal’s Starbucks order safe to drink?

Pedro Pascal’s Starbucks order might sound very strong, but fear not! It isn’t likely to do you harm as long as you’re not caning it all the time.

Ordering a single shot of espresso from Starbucks means you’ll consume 75mg of caffeine, according to Consumer Reports. That means the whole order has 450mg of caffeine in it.

The US FDA (Food and Drug Administration) state that it’s safe to drink around “400 mgs a day — that’s about four or five cups of coffee.”

So, Pedro’s order isn’t a far cry from the daily limit, and should be fine so long as you’re drinking it on a full stomach and staying hydrated, too (note he is clutching a water bottle in that viral TikTok).

Of course, it’s worth noting “there is wide variation in both how sensitive people are to the effects of caffeine and how fast they metabolise it (break it down).”

The FDA warns: “Certain conditions tend to make people more sensitive to caffeine’s effects, as can some medications.

pedro pascal starbucks order

It’s safe to order Pedro’s coffee once in a while (Credit: Alamy)

“In addition, if you’re pregnant, trying to become pregnant, or breastfeeding, or are concerned about another condition or medication, we recommend talking to your health care provider about whether you need to limit caffeine consumption.”

Keep an eye out for symptoms like insomnia, anxiousness, a fast heart rate or nausea, as they could be a sign that you’re not handling the amount of coffee you’re drinking.

Other than that, crack on and enjoy your ‘chaotic’ caffeine fix. Just take it from us, save it for days where you need a lot of energy, or you’ll be bouncing off the walls.