People are debating the perfect cup of tea and it’s getting heated

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Nothing sparks passion amongst Brits more than a good ol’ debate about tea.

A brew, a cuppa, a builders… whatever you wanna call it, we bet you’ve got an opinion on how it’s best to drink.

Over on Twitter, people certainly do, after a meme from the page “Very British Problems” sparked a very hefty debate about the amount of milk you should be adding to your tea.

The image showed 36 cups of tea – all different shades, and each coded from A-F and one to six.

You can check it out below: 

“The correct choice is E3. I trust there’ll be no further discussion on the matter,” the tweet’s caption read.

But naturally, not everyone agreed.

Referring to the most milky cuppa, someone wrote: “Anyone that says A1 should be medically examined and then publicly shamed.”

Whilst another wrote: “It’s D4. It pains me to see how people lose touch with our values and defile themselves with pseudo-teas such as E3 or even C5.”

“None of them, because milk doesn’t belong in tea *ducks and runs*,” someone else chimed in.

Ooooft, that won’t go down well with some.

colour cup of tea

People are very particular about their tea colour (Credit: Getty)

The tea bickering continued after that – although, some did acknowledge that there were a few of the teas that would be acceptable.

What would your pick be out of the image above?

In other tea news, did you see the TikTok of the American woman trying a brew for the first time?

In the clip, the user, named Emily Zugay, had intended to make a cup of tea so she could see what all the fuss was about.

“Today I’m taste testing tea because I’ve never had any before,” she said. “I’m trying sleepy time tea, and I got the big one because I’m assuming I’ll like it.”

Holding the teabag up to the camera, she then told followers that she thought the process of making tea was “pretty self-explanatory.”

But she swiftly proved herself wrong, grabbing a pair of scissors and chopping the end of the teabag off and then pouring the loose tea leaves into a mug of hot water.

You can watch how that went here.

Featured image: Getty/ Twitter