Man refuses to take girlfriend to nice restaurant because of ‘childish’ eating habits

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We don’t always have the same taste in food and drink as the person we’re dating – and that’s fine, right?

Who are we to judge whether you like refined cuisine or turkey dinosaurs? A palate doesn’t maketh the man.

However, it seems that a debate is currently going down on the internet about just that, after one guy said he refused to take his girlfriend to nice restaurants because of her “childish” eating habits.

reddit debate childish eating

The man said he was ’embarrassed’ when they went out to eat (Credit: Alamy)

Taking to the Reddit, the man, named @ATotalMunch, said: “My girlfriend is an incredibly picky eater…she eats like she is 10 years old.

“In fact I’ll give a short list of things she refuses to eat: Unflavoured water, fish (excluding fried shrimp), anything with bones, cheese other than sharp cheddar, spinach, onions, garlic, pasta without red sauce, eggs, spicy food, aioli, ketchup, potatoes (other than french fries), pastries with fruit, citrus, sausage or any ‘non-American’ food.”

In comparison, he said that he has always had “adventurous” food taste, having travelled a lot whilst growing up.

“Whenever me and my girlfriend go out somewhere nice she ends up getting the same meals… usually either a burger or chicken tenders and fries,” he explained.

“We could be going to an authentic Nepalese restaurant and she will get the french fries and white rice. To me it’s kind of embarrassing to go to a restaurant where there is a dress code and for her to order chicken tenders and fries.

“It especially bothers me that since I typically pay. I end up paying 15 bucks for chicken tenders that I could get from the freezer section at Walmart for 5 bucks.”

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reddit debate chicken nuggets

The man said he was ’embarrassed’ of his girlfriend’s eating habits (Credit: Alamy)

The Reddit user noted that recently, a new restaurant in his area has opened and his girlfriend had been “dying” to go.

“I took a look at the place and the menu and saw that it looked nice but the food was kind of pricy. She said she was probably gonna get chicken tenders as per usual.

“I asked her what’s the point of going then if I can toss some tenders in the air fryer for her and not spend a ridiculous amount of money on it.

“She asked why I had an attitude about this and I told her that I thought it was a waste of time and money to go to a nice place to get little kid food.”

Whilst the man said he wasn’t intending to call her a child, he added that it is “kinda childish for her to eat the way she does”.

He then reached out to fellow users of the chat forum to ask if they thought he was in the wrong, or she was over-reacting, and a whopping 7,900 comments ensued, with a lot of divided opinions on how things were handled.

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reddit debate childish eating

The man didn’t wanna fork out for a fine dining menu for her (Credit: Alamy)

“[You’re in the wrong] for calling her diet childish and for implying trying new foods is the only reason to go to a swishy restaurant,” said one person in the comments.

Whilst another wrote: “You are treating her like a child. You’re not going to eat any food at a restaurant that you can make at home? I call bullsh*t.”

“I am amazed at how many people are so easily embarrassed and appalled by someone who just eats differently than them and enjoys things in a different way,” said a third.

However, some were on his side.

“I don’t see the point in taking her to an expensive restaurant with a very specific type of cuisine and her getting fries or chicken fingers,” chimed in somebody else.

“Why is she dying to go there anyway??”

reddit debate childish eating

Would you order fries in a fancy restaurant? (Credit: Alamy)

As another agreed: “Yeah, atmosphere is a nice added part to the experience of a new restaurant, but the real appeal of trying a new place would be to try new foods. The chicken tenders can’t be that different.”

Looks like the jury is still out on this one…