Someone sliced bread lengthways and it’s broken the internet

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Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

It’s not often that the best thing since sliced bread is actually sliced bread.

Yet, thanks to one ingenious/disturbed Twitter user, the world is now aware of a revolutionary new way to cut up their favourite carb.

Whether you’re bored of vertical slicing or just fancy a particularly long piece of toast, one unorthodox cook has shared what happens when you portion a loaf lengthways. It’s just as weirdly wonderful as you’d hope.

Credit: Twitter/ @Flitter

In a picture posted on Sunday evening, actor Josh Flitter told his 36,000 followers how he couldn’t “stop thinking about this horizontally cut bread”.

The picture itself featured the longest slice of white bread ever seen on social media. It also provided a rare insight into what’s possible if you think outside conventional slicing wisdom.

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Predictably, given the massive scale of the slice, social media exploded with excitement. At the time of writing, the picture has received a whopping 460,000 likes, as well as 50,000 retweets.

Commenters were quick to share their excitement at the possibilities afforded by long bread. One enthusiastically blurted, “What?!! Brilliant! Pandemic comfort food heaven.”

Another even shared a snap of a giant grilled cheese made using the technique.

Credit: Twitter/ @marcus_gorman

Others were slightly more sceptical of the idea. One labelled it one of the “Four Horsemen’s sandwiches of the apocalypse”. Many more only came on board after the grilled cheese element entered the equation.

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However, despite incredulity from many quarters, several Twitterers are insisting that the method is not as unusual as it might seem. For instance, many shared photos of several international dishes that utilise the technique.

In fact, contributors from destinations as diverse as Brazil and Bulgaria demonstrated a string of little-known dishes.

Beyond South America, it quickly became clear that the unusual slicing technique also has a history in Scandinavia. One Twitter user even shared a photo of long bread slices sold by the bag in Sweden.

Another shared a similar shrimp and cream cheese long sandwich design from Iceland dubbed a “brauðterta”.

As these dishes show, slicing bread lengthways isn’t necessarily as outrageous as some might think.