Diner divides opinion by clearing table so server doesn’t have to

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Going out for a meal is always a great time, isn’t it? Not only do you get a slap up meal served to you, but there is minimal effort needed due to the cooking and cleaning being handled by the restaurant.

At least, that’s the case for most people.

You see, one guy decided he’d help staff with the cleaning up when out for a meal – and it’s sparked a healthy debate online.

Posting a video on TikTok in which he could be seen stacking his plates and cleaning his table, user @nicksmostcommonw certainly set tongues wagging. 

Check it out below: 


What a crazy cocept . #fyp #serviceindustry #resteraunt #food


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The clip has since been viewed over 730,000 times, and it’s safe to say that people have some opinions. 

Writing over the video, Nick explained: “POV: you’re a customer who has worked in the service industry so not only do you tip but you clean up after yourself like a grown up.”

Nick appeared to be moving at lightning speed, showing off his skills as someone who used to work in hospitality.

But over on the video sharing app, people weren’t quite sure about his attempt at helping out.

tiktok clean table dishes debate

The TikTok video sparked a debate (Credit: Pexels)

One person said: “I tip but I’m not cleaning up, thats your job man [sic].”

Meanwhile, another wrote: “So y’all want me to do your job for you and tip you 20 [percent]?”

“I’ve worked in restaurants my whole life,” said another. “Wait staff are fine. Literally half of the job is cleaning tables.”

The majority of the comments supported Nick, though.

One person said: “This is about thinking about others. I do this, also. No one should be a slob just because someone else has to clean up behind them.”

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tiktok clean table dishes debate

Many supported the TikToker (Credit: TikTok)

Whilst another exclaimed: “Are there people out there not doing this?!”

“I do this all the time,” said another. “I’ve never been a server or waiter. I just have respect for others time.”

Who would have thought that helping staff clean up the table would be such a divisive issue?