People are using M&Ms as makeup and it’s truly bizarre

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Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

We thought we’d seen it all, as far as food on TikTok goes – after all, the video sharing app has brought us the likes of Oreo Sushi, Pickles in Blankets and that mysterious pink sauce.

But now another food trend has emerged, which is less about eating and more about…beauty?!

It turns out people are using M&Ms as makeup, in an utterly bizarre new twist that nobody saw coming.

Check out a video below:

The M&M beauty trend actually begun in jails, and was born out of prisoners not having makeup and having to get creative.

In a reposted TikTok video, which is now approaching 20 million views, someone who is incarcerated can be seen sweeping the floor with blue eyeshadow and a bright red lip.

The security guard then asks them for a makeup tutorial, and she goes on to explain how she used the chocolate to produce the makeup look.

The prisoner explains that she used a blue M&M and a red Fireball candy to achieve the makeshift glam, as well as a graphite pencil for eyeliner.

m&ms jail makeup

The chocolates have a secret use… (Credit: Alamy)

The guard had to confiscate the ‘makeup’ utensils afterwards, but the prisoner has gone on to become a viral sensation, and even inspire others to do the same at home.

“LET HER KEEP HER JAIL MAKEUP,” wrote one person in reply to the clip.

Whilst another said: “Wait the fireball slays as a lip product.”


#stitch with @posh.420 this lipstick is delicious 😛 thanks for tagging me @priscillaono you know me so well!

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Speaking to Buzzfeed, Amanda Cisco, an influencer who was once incarcerated, told Buzzfeed: “We use all kinds of creative things to make ourselves pretty in jail.

“You can use M&M’s for pretty much anything, you know? You get a good colour palette. You can use it for eyeshadow, or even blush.”

On her TikTok, Cisco recommends cracking open a brown M&M for eyeliner, and using two red M&M’s for a perfectly blushed cheek.


We didn’t have crayons or hot pots in jail but I heard a girl in receiving talk about how her county did. #prison #makeup #jail #hacks

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As her account has blown up, people have praised the TikToker’s creativity and thriftiness.

If you need us we’ll be cancelling our latest makeup order and heading out to buy some M&Ms…